4 Trends in digital marketing for tech companies

8 November 2022

New digital marketing innovations are emerging faster than ever. From TikTok marketing to 360 videos and data modeling with artificial intelligence, knowing which trends in digital marketing are the right ones for technology companies to invest in can be a challenge. 

We’re here to help. As a specialist technology marketing agency, we’ll walk you through some of the key trends in digital marketing for tech companies to take advantage of. We’ll break down each trend so that you can make a better decision about which ones to invest in.

Video marketing

Video marketing is hot stuff: online videos now make up over 80% of all internet traffic, a figure that has increased fivefold since 2017.  As digital marketing trends go, it’s probably the most important one for tech companies to embrace. So, get yourself or a member of your team in front of the camera to give a face to your brand. This personal touch to marketing helps elevate you from the competition, giving your audience the sense that they’re engaging with a human and not a robot!

Communicating technical ideas isn’t always easy, especially using the written word. The technology space, understandably, is full of jargon and techy language that isn’t always immediately accessible. Video gives you a chance to humanise the subject, explaining exactly what you do, why you do it, and how your audience can benefit from your product or service.

Use good-quality videos to demonstrate your technology service, product or offering. You don’t need a film crew to dip your toe into video, just grab a smartphone and make sure you have some good lighting and a platform to showcase your content. 

Putting your new videos on your website is a great place to start your video marketing journey. This helps you to build an effective tech company website, and Google generally loves video content. The search engine will typically reward pages with good quality video, matched with quality (relevant) content, by ranking them higher in search results. 

Adding videos to existing pages has been seen to increase traffic to those pages by anything from 10% to 250%.

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Infographics and animations

As we’ve seen, jargon-busting is key to getting through to your audience in the tech and cyber space. Infographics are a great way to engage and attract your audience with a clear message.

You can even take these infographics one step further through animation. At Wagada, we’re huge fans of explaining technical concepts in the simplest way possible. Infographics or animations are a creative digital marketing tool for tech companies to do just that.

B2B influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a trend that’s here to stay. There’s been a boom in B2C social media influencers over the past 5 years, but B2B influencer marketing is a much more recent trend in the digital marketing industry. Naturally, B2B influencers are seen more on LinkedIn, and leveraging the large audiences of business influencers can be huge. 

Many tech products and services take a large investment from the customer, with a lead time of months rather than weeks before you see results.

To choose the perfect influencer for your B2B marketing strategy, look at who’s influencing your target audience:

  • Who are your leads or customers engaging with on LinkedIn? 
  • Who are they following? 
  • Do their values line up to the values of your brand? 

Do your research and take some time to investigate who you want to approach to help you market your tech brand. 

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Artificial intelligence

Being in the cyber space, AI will probably be something you’re familiar with. One prominent trend that we can only see accelerating is artificial intelligence in digital marketing. 

There are a huge number of ways AI is being used in sales and digital marketing, such as AI chatbots and content generation. One of the biggest developments that we at Wagada have our eye on is the use of artificial intelligence in the latest Google Analytics platform – GA4. 

Google Analytics is the most common analytics platform used by marketers and business owners alike. GA4 is their latest version, and it’s harnessing the power of AI to replace traditional third-party cookies. 

GA4 is powered by machine learning, which means it can predict future trends in user behaviour. This is a powerful tool that marketers and business owners can use to analyse your potential revenue and how your audience is behaving at certain periods, in order to create an effective digital marketing strategy. 

The platform’s use of AI is still in its infancy, but we think the potential for machine learning in digital marketing for tech companies is huge. 

Google will be switching off the current version of analytics – Universal Analytics – and changing to GA4 in the summer of 2023. To make sure you can gather enough data and insight before the switch, make sure you’ve set up your GA4, events and conversions.

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