A day in the life: digital marketing agency

1 March 2019

Passionate. Honest. Flexible. Human.

Here at Wagada, we like to incorporate all of these values into our work to ensure that we are successful in what we do whilst also maintaining a positive mental attitude in an enjoyable work environment. With a variety of skill sets and personalities, the team are constantly bouncing off of each other, sharing ideas and creativity as well as technical knowledge.

A digital marketing agency can be fast-paced, priorities and workload changing by the hour. With each day being so different depending on a variety of factors, we have penned what a ‘typical’ day in the life would look like across the board.


This is when the first person bursts through the doors, ready to take on the day and excel in what they do (okay, maybe this enthusiasm only kicks in after a strong coffee and an upbeat Spotify playlist, but we all get there!).

Over the next hour or so, the rest of the team arrive. We understand the pressures of everyday life, so aim to cater to the needs of all our staff, whether that be dropping their little ones off at school, walking the dog before coming to work, or starting early for those early risers amongst us.


By this time, after a caffeine fix and a catch up about what we’d been up to the night before, the office is full and thriving.

Planning and prioritising for the day ahead is crucial to working efficiently and effectively. Our Wagada Weekly Planners make this light work for us, and a quick chat at the Kanban board sets us up for the day.


If it’s the beginning of a new month, a few days will be spent reporting, pulling in client data and stats from Google Analytics, AdWords and SEO software, SEM Rush. This is then all compiled into a Data Studios report and sent to the client along with supporting commentary.

“Reporting keeps us on top of a client’s performance, rankings and achievements. We believe it is crucial in deciding the next step of work and how we can continue moving forward to achieve the best results. It also provides our clients with an easy to follow, transparent visual and explanation of what we’ve achieved that month” Shelley Martin, Client Portfolio and PPC Manager.


Throughout the day, most of our Digital Marketing Executives will be found working on a wide range of things, liaising with clients, keeping them updated with current projects and campaigns. With honesty as one of core values, we like to ensure we are always transparent with our clients, keeping them up to date with what work we carry out.


The time for bowls of soup and vegan treats. With many foodies in the office, there is often a plethora of delicious lunches going around creating tons of food discussion and a long queue for the microwave.

Wagada Walking Wednesdays happens every week, where the team get out into the surrounding countryside for a lunchtime stroll. We always find this benefits us massively! It’s great to get some fresh air, stretch the legs and clear the mind before we sit down for the afternoon.


SEO is one of the major parts of our service offering, so our award-winning SEO team spend most of their day implementing certain strategies and techniques in order to achieve a better ranking on Google. This may include; tech fixes, on-page optimisation keyword research, blogs and more.

“It is so rewarding to see client’s achieve better rankings as a result of the work we have put in. It is great encouragement for us, as well as for the client.” Dee Overfield, Technical SEO Manager.


Across the team, the other hours in the day will often be spent; creating content, scheduling social media posts, hunting PR opportunities or training. Each member of our team has a specialist area however everyone works on a variety of tasks, taking advantage of the opportunity to widen their professional horizons. The team is allocated (but not limited to) 30 hours a year dedicated to CPD training, ensuring we stay on top of the latest industry insights, and proactively strengthen our knowledge of all things digital marketing.


Yes, like most other agencies out there, we do have a table-tennis table. We will often take a short break to compete in a game or tournament and see if anyone can actually beat Dee, our reigning champion. We find that stepping away from our desks for a few minutes in the afternoon helps bring our focus back to the task in hand, improves our mental well-being and beats that mid-afternoon slump!  A dose of some homemade cake from one of our foodies also usually goes down a treat about this time!


As a busy day draws to a close, the team will spend time completing their to-do list and meeting important deadlines. Once again, planning and prioritising for the next day and upcoming week, ensuring that we walk through the door the following morning with a focused pair of eyes ready to take on whatever that day may bring.

If Wagada sounds like the place for you or you think you could give Dee a run for her money when it comes to table tennis, check out our current job vacancies or drop a prospective CV to recruitment@wagada.co.uk.