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As marketers, we spend countless hours producing content, testing campaigns and trawling through analytics for data. But what if you could put all that time to better use, as well as getting accurate predictions of the strategies most likely to drive results for your business?

AI marketing can do this for you and more. At Wagada Digital, we’re here to show you how.

AI consultancy and advice

Many of our clients are looking for support to implement AI-powered marketing within their organisation. This is a technology that has the potential to transform entire job roles and processes. It makes sense to seek specialist advice to make sure you’re getting the best value from the tools you’re investing in.

As part of your overall strategy, our AI team can help you with your long-term AI marketing plans, supporting you to get the most out of artificial intelligence tools and technologies.

Leverage the power of AI to supercharge all the aspects mentioned below and beyond

Content generation

Text, images, audio and video: these can all be created quickly and easily using generative AI tools.

Ad targeting & optimisation

Advertising to a warm audience is so much more successful – target those people who have already visited your website.

Enhanced insights

AI can process and analyse vast amounts of data in no time. So you’ll have a better understanding of what’s working and what to focus on next.

Smarter strategies to help you stand out

Artificial intelligence is no substitute for the real people, products and services behind your brand. But it can help you to sell them, by communicating the right messages, identifying new audiences and personalising your approach to marketing.

A human approach to artificial intelligence

The technology behind AI marketing is groundbreaking, and it’s developing so rapidly it can feel hard to keep up. But behind all the new and exciting tools, our task here at Wagada Digital remains the same. We’ll help you to highlight what makes you different, and connect your brand with the right people. And we’ll use whatever methods are available to achieve that most effectively.

We’re a passionate team of AI marketing specialists who speak human.

AI marketing webinars

Learn how to use AI in your marketing, with our acclaimed webinars designed to help you get started.

Hosted by our knowledgeable team of AI experts, our training events are friendly, accessible and full of practical information to take away and use in your own day-to-day role. You’ll get the chance to join in the conversation, so bring along any questions you may have!

An intro to AI in marketing

This webinar is a whistle-stop tour of the influence of AI in marketing so far and its incredible impact on businesses large and small – both now and into the future.

Head of Digital, Dee Overfield, explores typical use cases for AI in marketing, looking at how AI could help you to cut costs, save time, and market and promote your business.

The webinar is followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with the AI marketing experts at Wagada Digital.

What do our clients think?

The webinar provided a comprehensive introduction to AI in marketing, covering a range of topics like the working of AI, the potential hitches of AI, and the different ways that Al tools could revolutionise your marketing strategy.

Soorya Mahesh, Digital Marketing Professional and Webinar Delegate

I had the fortune to attend a presentation on ‘AI in Marketing’ by Dee Overfield at a recent business support event, and it was fantastic! Lots of great resources and suggestions presented in an inclusive and understandable way – thank you Dee!

Peter Hopkins, MCR Pathways

Recently attended a 30-minute breakout session on AI and was thoroughly impressed. The session was extremely informative, providing insights into the latest AI advancements. The speakers were engaging and made complex topics easily understandable.

Pavlina Chauhan, AKN Engineering

Who we’ve provided AI consulting to

Upcoming AI events

Check out our Events page to find out what’s coming up. If you have an AI topic you’d like to be covered, then please get in touch.

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