The top five benefits of HubSpot for effective digital marketing 

3 August 2023

As a unified solution for marketing, sales and customer service, HubSpot is an all-round useful business tool. But what are the benefits of HubSpot in marketing specifically? In this blog we’ll take you through some of the cleverest and most useful HubSpot marketing features. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand how HubSpot’s integrated marketing platform can help you create engaging campaigns, generate and nurture leads, use your time more efficiently and use analytics to monitor success.

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Benefit #1: Close more deals, with HubSpot lead generation tools

One of the big benefits of HubSpot is the ability it gives you to generate leads and then nurture them throughout their buying journey. For starters, you can create and customise effective lead capture forms, landing pages and calls-to-action within the platform. Once you have converted visitors into leads and your contacts are in the system, automated email workflows and lead scoring are really useful HubSpot tools that help you to build relationships with leads over time. One of the best HubSpot marketing features is the ability to personalise your marketing strategy as your leads move through the sales funnel, to increase the likelihood of conversion.

“Many of our clients have seen a marked increase in the quantity and quality of qualified leads being created. We’ve helped them to effectively utilise and combine HubSpot’s automation, lead scoring and SMART content tools so they can deliver the right content to the right prospects at the right stage in their buying journey.”

Charlotte Wilkinson, HubSpot Onboarding and Support Consultant at Wagada Digital

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Benefit #2: Create content that converts, with easy A/B testing

How do you know which email subject line will get more clicks? What’s the best position for that “Buy Now” button on your product page? With HubSpot, you can create multiple variations of a web page or email and test them against each other to find out which version drives better results. Robust reporting and analysis help you interpret the results of your A/B tests, tracking key metrics and comparing performance across different variations. What’s more, A/B testing in HubSpot integrates seamlessly with other tools in the platform, so you can easily create A/B test variations and analyse them all in the same place.

Benefit #3: Streamline your social media management

As our very own social team will tell you, social media marketers are busy people. When they’re not planning campaigns or engaging with comments, they’re analysing data and assessing how effective their performance is, all on multiple platforms. That’s where the benefits of HubSpot really come into their own. HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing Hub provides a suite of tools and features designed to streamline social media management, drive engagement and measure the impact of social media campaigns. You can schedule and publish social media posts across multiple networks, monitor social media interactions and engage with your audience, all within the platform.

“HubSpot’s analytics tools allow me to easily track KPI and campaign performance, so it’s never been quicker or simpler to make sure our social media efforts are fully aligned with clients’ business objectives. Because it’s so efficient I have more time and resources to focus on social media strategy.”

Ellie Wilbraham, Senior Social Media Marketer at Wagada Digital

Benefit #4: Personalise and automate your email marketing campaigns

HubSpot’s email marketing features allow you to create and send personalised email campaigns, while managing and segmenting your lists based on specific criteria. The biggest benefit of HubSpot for email marketing is automation: by setting up automated workflows triggered by specific actions or criteria, you can make sure the emails you are sending are always timely and hyper-relevant to the people on your lists. For example, if someone has left your website without checking out the items in their basket, an automated workflow would ensure that they receive an email nudging them to complete the sale. 

Case study: SMARTFIX

The team at SMARTFIX wanted to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities that HubSpot offers. 

We created a series of HubSpot email templates for sending to prospects at different stages of the marketing funnel, alongside carefully planned workflows for pre- and post-sale processes. After just six months we had achieved an impressive 69% email open rate and devised 17 highly effective HubSpot workflows to improve efficiency. 

Read the case study

Benefit #5: Track key metrics for a data-driven approach

Here at Wagada Digital, we are always driven by data, analysing the metrics to inform marketing strategies that really deliver. HubSpot helps us to do this for our clients thanks to its comprehensive and holistic analytics and reporting features. Because it’s a CRM, sales and marketing platform all rolled into one, there’s no separation of data, so you just have one place where you can discover everything there is to know about your contacts and their activity. 

Using HubSpot, we routinely track key metrics, such as website traffic, lead conversions, email open rates and social media engagement, measuring the impact of our marketing campaigns and identifying opportunities for improvement. As far as we’re concerned, the biggest benefit of HubSpot for marketers is the ability to eliminate guesswork and make decisions based on real data. The more we know, the more we can achieve for our clients.

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