The many benefits of organic SEO

7 January 2015

What is organic SEO and why do we love it so much at Wagada? Well, organic SEO is all about the natural ways that you can boost your rankings in the search engine results, rather than using paid-for methods such as Google AdWords. By using organic SEO your business gets results which are driven by the search engines’ own algorithms. It can bring many benefits to your company as it grows with your website and encourages you to adapt to what your customers really want – making your site more relevant and useful to potential clients. It also means that, unlike with AdWords, which operates on a pay per click basis, you don’t end up paying more for getting more custom to your site. We think organic SEO is great and here are some of the reasons why:

It provides a fantastic user experience for your customers

Organic SEO centres on creating a website that is useful and relevant for your customers. It is this relevance that will be assessed by the search engines and will help to boost your page rankings. Of course the better your site helps your customer to get what they want, the better an online experience they will have. An example of how your site can really work dynamically with its users could be a fashion site which offers links to blog posts based on the item of clothing that their customers are looking at – so a customer looking at a winter coat would be offered a link to an article about the latest trends for winter. This means that you really think about what your customers need from you and this can result in a fantastic user friendly site.

Having a great user experience not only helps your SEO but also means that customers are more likely to buy on your site as it helps them to get to the point of purchase quickly and efficiently. It also offers them added value by upselling them relevant products or services.

It inspires you to create engaging and relevant content

Another way to help boost your site in the rankings is to create content that your customers want to see. By getting your content shared, and letting the search engines see that your customers are engaging with you, can show them that your site has a good authority amongst the online community. Organic SEO really helps you to focus on your target customers and what they want to find on your site. Great content will keep customers coming back to your website and encourage them to spread the word about how brilliant your business is!

Using organic SEO can also encourage you to think about how you use your content and long-tail keywords to attract the right customers. These long-tail keywords are longer than your usual keywords but can be really valuable. For example instead of a florist simply using “flowers” or “weddings” as keywords they could think about how their customers actually search online and use a phrase such as “local florists for wedding venues in Hertfordshire”.

It encourages you to invest in a better website

There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than a slow website. In our fast-paced society they want things to happen quickly – and you want to take them to the point of purchase on your site whilst they are still interested in your products! When you review your organic SEO this can be the perfect time to take a look at your website technology too to make sure it all runs as smoothly as possible to make a great customer experience.

Google takes into account how people use your website to determine how useful it is. Engagement and a strong user experience is now so important for SEO. Investing in a clear and intuitive site which users spend time engaging with, can demonstrate to Google that you website is worthy of a high ranking.

So you can see that, as well as increasing your page ranking, organic SEO can also help you to provide a strong user experience for your website customers which will lead to more sales and a great online reputation.

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