Why do we Need to Block your Company’s IP Address from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides us with a valuable insight into your website users: how they behave and what they are interested in. Your internal staff who use your website will have a different motivation to your potential customers, so it makes sense to block these people from the data we see in Google Analytics.

We will block Google Analytics from recording data from our use of the website at Wagada Towers, as well as your internal staff when they are viewing the site from your head office. We do this by identifying the IP addresses of these locations and asking Google to block them.

How do I know what my IP address is?

The best way to find your IP address is to Google it! Put the following phrase into Google ‘What is my IP’ and Google will tell you what your IP address is. If you can then provide us with this information we will make sure that your IP address, as well as our own, are blocked in Google Analytics.