A beginner’s guide to vlogging

Cheryl Luzet - 29 November 2016

If you take an interest in the online world and enjoy reading or writing blogs, then you might have noticed that there’s a new kid in town – the vlogger! Vlogging is simply a video version of a blog and its gaining popularity fast, especially with the younger demographic. Some famous vloggers such as Zoella are even getting book deals and product ranges based on their online presence.

We already know that blogging can be great news for your website – it attracts potential customers to your site, shows Google that you are an authority in your industry and can get you lots of social shares and recommendations. However, many people are now asking if vlogging can have the same powerful effect. We think that vlogging can be brilliant for your business but there are also a number of issues that you need to consider before you create your first video. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the vlog.

Vlogs can bring your business to life

Vlogs can really show you at your very best to your customers. If, as with many small businesses, you are the face of your brand, then it’s a great way for potential clients to get to know you before they decide to purchase your product or service. When you create a video, it builds a very immediate connection between you and your viewers. It’s as though you are there with them in their living room having a chat! People often feel more engaged with a vlog than a blog and it shows the human face behind your business.

However if you are planning to make a video you do need to consider your own personality and whether you would feel comfortable featuring in a vlog. It’s great if you are confident and bubbly but if you are more of an introvert you might not enjoy appearing in a company vlog. Don’t worry though as you can still utilise online video. Maybe you can narrate off camera whilst showing viewers around your premises, or you could encourage other members of staff to get involved on screen. Ultimately you need your confidence and industry knowledge to shine through, so if you feel happier with the written word then don’t be afraid to stick to blogging instead.

Vlogs are a great way of showing off your product or service

A picture may speak a thousand words, so just think what a video can do for your product! The great thing about vlogging is that it can literally show your customers how your product or service works in a way that a two dimensional photo just can’t do. If you’re selling a product, then a video enables you to give a live demonstration of how customers can use it. For example a hardware store might want to publish some “how to” vlogs about various D.I.Y. tasks or a florist could show clients how to create a simple floral table decoration. Vlogs can really help potential customers to understand what you do, and they are also a great resource to show off your industry knowledge and to encourage customers to keep returning to your site as a hub of information.

Vlogs appeal to the younger demographic

Vlogging has a great appeal to younger customers, particularly the under 25s. They love engaging with vloggers and will really expect to see some video content on your website. Whilst older customers can enjoy vlogs too, they may feel more comfortable with the written word, so before you decide to start a vlog, think about your customer demographic. If you are looking to appeal to a young clientele, then vlogs are a great way to do so. The under 25s are also more likely to share your content on social media if they like it, so make sure you get it right! It’s worth taking the time to do some research first to see what sort of video content your customers are looking for, so that you can ensure that your vlogs reach your target market.

Make sure you have the right vlogging resources

If you’ve invested in great branding for your business and spent time and effort setting up a fantastic website, then you don’t want to let your business down with a poor-quality vlog. This means that it’s important to make sure you have the resources you need to create high impact video content. Blurred images, fuzzy sound and patchy editing will look unprofessional and could end up losing you credibility online.

A good camera and a high-tech editing package means that you can create professional looking vlogs that your users will really enjoy watching. Don’t forget to add the extra finishing touches such as music, graphics and subtitles too.

Don’t forget to write a vlog transcript

If you’re keen on vlogging, you need to remember to add a written transcript to your website too. At this point in time, Google doesn’t have the ability to watch blogs which means they are not able to index them. To ensure that Google knows what your vlog is about, add a description or transcript to your page. You will need to do this to make sure that Google can rank your content in the search engine. It’s often recommended that you embed your vlog into a short blog post based on the content subject.

A transcription can also be useful to customers who are hard of hearing or who have English as a second language, and it means that clients can print the transcript too if they want a written record of the information on your vlog.

Vlogging is a fantastic way of reaching your customers and of highlighting your products and services. Before you start your vlog, make sure you have high quality equipment and that you feel confident on camera! Don’t forget to research your target market too, in order to make sure that you are vlogging about subjects that interest them, and always add written content to help Google index your site. We think we’re going to see more and more businesses utilising vlogs in the future and so it can be a great idea for your company to get a head start in the vlogging world!