Wagada’s Daniel Jenkins will speak at Paid Social Show – part of brightonSEO

Daniel Jenkins, Strategic Marketing Manager at Wagada is one of the speakers at brightonSEO’s Paid Social Show on Wednesday 8 September and 22 September (online only).

brightonSEO (brightonseo.com) is one of the biggest search engine optimisation conferences in Euope. The Paid Social Show will help people learn more about how to promote their business through advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Danel’s talk entitled – “Cookies are dead – how to boss your social media ads post iOS14”, will cover paid social media remarketing and how to create successful Facebook Ad campaigns.

In particular, he will focus upon:

Daniel Jenkins

Daniel is an expert strategist for B2B and B2C brands, with strong digital and traditional marketing experience. He is responsible for building relationships with businesses across the UK, delivering training sessions, including LinkedIn, webinars and networking. Daniel heads up Wagada’s second office in Cheltenham

Cheryl Luzet, CEO, Wagada says:

“I am delighted that Daniel Jenkins is talking at brightonSEO‘s Paid Social Show in September.

It has been fantastic to watch Daniel develop his skills in digital and grow in expertise here at Wagada. He’s a fantastic speaker and massively engaging and I know he will do us proud.”

For more information on The Paid Social Show at brightonSEO and to buy tickets see here.

Race to Cheltenham for Hope for Tomorrow

The Wagada team is taking on the challenge of running, walking, or cycling the distance between our St Albans and Cheltenham offices. We are raising money for the mobile cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow, which delivers cancer care to their patients, so they can continue to enjoy their lives, surrounded by loved ones.

The distance from our office in St Albans to our office in Cheltenham is 83 miles which most of the team are planning on running, walking, or cycling between, with the exception of some Wagada team members who are doing the return journey consisting of 166 miles.

“Hope for Tomorrow brings cancer treatment into local communities, making it more accessible to those who need it. Patients can spend more precious time with their loved ones, instead of spending hours waiting around in hospitals, and traveling to and fro. From experience, this precious time is so cherished and makes Hope For Tomorrow a very worthy cause to support.”

This incredible charity has a fleet of Mobile Cancer Care Units (MCCUs) to make sure that they can help as many as possible, but desperately need money to maintain and make more MCCUs to ensure they are helping as many as possible.

Once inside an MMCU, patients receive the exact care that they would in the hospital. With the difference that these units have been designed to give a more relaxing and homely environment. This means due to the lack of clinical and stressful surroundings, patients are able to tolerate and receive treatment better. We all know someone affected by cancer, it’s something that truly breaks families. So help us stand up to it, by donating and raising awareness for Hope For Tomorrow so we can make sure that people get the treatment they desperately need with their loved ones surrounding them. Together, we can bring loved ones closer when they need it most.

Hope for Tomorrow mobile cancer care unit van on the road

There were over 166,000 cancer-related deaths between 2016-2018 in the UK alone, and cases are still rising. With so many people’s loved ones, friends, and colleagues fighting this terrible disease, we want to do our bit to help. By raising money for Hope For Tomorrow, we can keep the MCCUs on the road and help those who need it most. They receive no government funding but are relied on by so many, so please help in whatever way you can. People are relying on our generosity.

B2B marketing tips

A digital marketing strategy is vital for business growth, but knowing where to start can be tricky. Luckily, the Wagada team have come up with some top tips to get you started, covering everything from SEO to Google Ads.

Dan’s B2B Marketing Tip

Customer profiling is fundamental in order to ensure that you are creating messaging and content that speaks directly to your target market.

Spend some time breaking down the Decision Making Unit (DMU) for your chosen sales targets – from gatekeeper to influencer to decision maker, these different roles will be engaging with varying types of content on differing platforms.

Develop a campaign that cuts through the noise, speaks to the user and empowers your sales team to turn leads into sales.

Emily’s Advice of Local SEO

Local SEO is all about increasing your online visibility for customers located nearby and it can often take a backseat in a B2B marketing strategy. 

Nearly half of Google searches are local so if you are not targeting your physical location, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business!

One of the first things you should do is make sure you have a well-optimised Google My Business listing for your company. Google has a wide range of relevant categories to choose from to help classify your B2B business.

Shelley’s B2B Tip for Digital Transformation

The user experience is the ultimate goal of digital transformation, meaning you must map out the entire user journey with the consumer in mind.

People are increasingly impatient when it comes to finding information on the internet, so ensure your website is fast and responsive. To make the consumer experience easier, use various call to action buttons that land consumers on another page of yours. These will entice your potential client into clicking to find out more information, without any effort on their end.

Ellie’s B2B Social Media Advice

One of the biggest mistakes for many B2B companies is there lack of real people on their social media, making them come across as ‘boring’.

Post pictures of your team and around the office snaps so that others can put a face to the brilliant people behind your business, and gain an insight into your exciting company culture. Ask your team for relevant stories and tips that you can post on social to come across more personable and real. You should use social media to build trust with clients, and this is achieved by humanising your brand and posting content that people can relate to and interact with. 

Dee’s B2B SEO Tip

Identify fresh competitor content at any given point to enrich / inform your own website…

Type the following into Google and it will list all content from your chosen competitor’s blog e.g. site:wagada.co.uk/blog/. Click Tools > Any time and select a date range e.g. ‘Past month’ to narrow down your search and identify up-to-date content only.

To see how much content a competitor has published on a certain topic, you can narrow down your search even further e.g. site:wagada.co.uk/blog/ google ads. Simply customise your keywords highlighted at the end of the search.

Matt’s HubSpot Advice for B2B Companies

Make sure to delve into HubSpot’s powerful automation tools to streamline your B2B marketing campaigns.

Allowing HubSpot to automate your marketing process will give you greater freedom to focus on improving your campaigns. The in-depth reporting will also highlight bottlenecks along your customer journey, both before and after conversion.

Akber’s Tips for Google Ads

B2B marketing on Google Ads can be challenging as competition is high and traffic volume is low.

In order to stand out from your competition, it is vital you follow these 3 steps.

Understand who your ideal client is and build your marketing strategy around them.

Customise your ad message and landing pages and highlight how your business solves their problem.

Make the process simple.

James’ Advice on Content for B2Bs

Ensuring your content across all of your marketing services is clean, easy to read and appeals directly to your customers’ needs is so important when appealing to your target market.

Keep things simple when selling your product – there’s nothing worse than coming across big, fancy words and a long essay of a page to follow!

Break up your content into subheadings, paragraphs and visuals to keep your customer engaged and how your products / services can help them.


We really hope you find these tips helpful and provide you with a bit more insight into all things digital marketing! If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team; we’d be more than happy to help!

My First Day At Wagada: Starting a New Job in Lockdown

Like many University graduates, my plans for starting a career were put on hold because of Coronavirus, so when the opportunity to become a Social Media Marketing Assistant at Wagada came up, I couldn’t have felt luckier. This is my first job, so I was unsurprisingly nervous for the first day and wasn’t sure what to expect. Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking, however, with the added awkwardness of being introduced over a video call, I wondered if I would struggle to get to know the team. It turned out that I had nothing to worry about as everyone took the time out of their busy schedules to ring me and personally introduce themselves. The team at Wagada has adapted to the pandemic so well that video calls are now a natural way of communication, so I know I can call anyone for support or with any questions.

I was pleasantly surprised to be given my own tasks and responsibilities from the very first day, despite having had little social media marketing experience in the past. However, being thrown in the deep end was the best possible thing as I have now gained more experience and knowledge of various tools and applications than I would have, had I simply shadowed someone for the week. My line manager and other team members have been great at explaining briefs, answering my many questions and checking over the work with me. I have since seen some of my work go live which already feels like a huge accomplishment for me. I have had a great amount of support from the team and the managers, who are keen to ensure I am comfortable and confident and help me whenever possible. I have been offered some online training courses to develop my skills and understanding of digital marketing, something that makes me even more excited about working for Wagada, as their dedication to individual progression is unique for a company, and will really help me to grow.

Four Wagada Mugs

Looking to the future; I am excited to develop my skills in this agency and learn more about the different aspects of digital marketing within Wagada. I am looking forward to being given more responsibility over the coming months and really getting stuck into a busy schedule, working for a range of clients… although I have been told to be careful what I wish for since I will miss the quieter days when they are gone. Having met about half the team through a hot desk process, I am excited for everyone to be back in the office to truly experience the busy day to day of agency life and put a non-virtual face to everyone’s names.