How Can Selling on Amazon Help Increase Business Sales?

It started as a niche bookselling business. 25 years later, it’s a corporate giant, counting 86% of Brits among its customers. That’s massive! But despite its superpower status, Amazon is a fantastic business tool for small sellers – independent businesses looking to get more out of selling online. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the hows and whys of boosting your sales by selling on Amazon.

Quick Amazon facts

We all know the name. But did you know these amazing Amazon facts and stats?

Can you say the same about your own e-commerce site? Probably not! But crucially, a big part of Amazon’s business model involves third-party sellers, who make up over half of its total sales. And by hitching a ride on the retail giant’s success and setting up shop on its servers, you too could benefit from the visibility and brand loyalty that Amazon enjoys.


Selling on Amazon: everything you need to know

If you sell online, getting set up on Amazon could be a big boost for your business. But how does it work? Here’s the lowdown on becoming an Amazon seller.

What are the different seller types on Amazon?

There isn’t just one way to sell on Amazon. Here’s a rundown of the different business models.

How do you set up an Amazon seller account?

Setting up an Amazon seller account is simple. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to take to get started:

For more detailed information on setting up your Amazon seller account, check out the comprehensive Amazon seller guide for beginners.

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How can businesses improve their rankings on Amazon?

It’s a retail site in its own right, but at heart, it makes sense to think of Amazon as a search engine just like Google. We’ve seen that more than 4 in 10 shoppers go straight to Amazon to search for what they need. So you can bet that the businesses making the most sales will be the ones that come top in Amazon product searches.

Like Google, Amazon has its own algorithm that decides the order of its search results. With fierce competition for the top spots, getting a high ranking can be hard, and it’s normal for products to be listed for 3-6 months before they start selling in big numbers. But with a well-informed search optimisation strategy, you too can rise to the top. Here are some pointers to improve your rankings:

How can we help you?

With more people shopping online than ever before, now is a really good time to start selling on Amazon. For retailers, it’s a huge opportunity to increase sales and attract repeat business from satisfied customers. But with fierce competition, it’s important that you get set up professionally so you can stand out from the crowd – and that’s where we can help! At Wagada we’ll use our digital marketing expertise to help you with:

Get started today! Contact our friendly team for expert support and get those Amazon sales rolling in right away.

Our Favourite Lockdown Campaigns

It has been a strange couple of months for all businesses, with most marketing departments having to change tactics and business activities to keep connected to their customers. But with change, comes new ways of working, and throughout this big switch up, we have seen a huge explosion of creativity and outside the box thinking.

Many big brands have responded excellently to this pandemic and have found innovative ways to turn our new ‘normal’ – social distancing – into something playful and fun. With campaigns adding humour, some providing information, and others sending heart-warming messages, companies have amazed us at how quickly they have responded to a situation none of us could have seen coming.

Considering the degree of imagination we have seen during this time, we thought it would be fun to share our favourite lockdown marketing campaigns to help inspire even more creative thinking.

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s redesigned its logo to reflect social distancing. As well as being extremely clever and quite amusing, this small edit showcases McDonald’s as a company that is taking accountability for their staff and customers, showing solidarity with enforced government guidelines. Tongue in cheek, it adds an element of humour to current social distancing rules and most importantly, makes customers smile – something we all need right now!

mcdonalds golden arches sign

2. Wasabi

Wasabi donated a whopping 17,000 free meals to the NHS and frontline staff throughout lockdown, supporting keyworkers during difficult times. They teamed up with other foodie brands, such as Innocent, to create a new initiative to support the NHS called #FeedOurFrontline.

This activity is a great piece of brand reputation building. Not only does it get their name out there, but it creates rapport between itself and customers who see Wasabi as a giving, kind, and generous service. What’s more, for those who have never tried their food, it is a great first touchpoint with the brand.


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3. Time Out London

The company ‘Time Out London’ temporarily changed its name to ‘Time In London’, encouraging people to stay in during lockdown. They also provided Instagram streaming services to keep people entertained at home, setting up live baking tutorials, organising live gigs, running online exercise classes and more. They said: “We’re going to make sure that if you’re stuck indoors, you won’t go un-entertained. A little bit of London is coming into your living room.”

We love this piece of marketing. Time Out strikes the perfect balance of continuing to uphold its brand values as an informative, fun focussed company, whilst doing so in an innovative, playful and engaging way. It’s great for brand awareness, continuing to develop that strong relationship with followers.


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4. Nike

“Now more than ever, we are one team”. Nike released this statement alongside its new marketing campaign to promote social distancing.

Within an hour of its release, many Nike athletes had posted the ad on their social media channels, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods. During this campaign, they included images and video footage of people working out in their homes, in their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, or basements.

When we read this phrase, we automatically feel part of something. Something created by Nike. It offers support and promotes the idea that we are all in this together. That is the ultimate way to create brand loyalty.


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5. Uber Eats

Uber Eats partnered with Curzon cinema to deliver home cinema bundles (popcorn and hot dogs), to help people recreate the magic of the big screen at home. Whilst super simple, we love this concept as brand-building exercise. It aligns perfectly with the government’s ‘stay at home message’, giving customers something to look forward to in a way that keeps both brands front of mind.


6. Heinz

Heinz created a 570 piece jigsaw puzzle that was entirely red- making it the hardest puzzle to complete. We all know how popular puzzles became during lockdown so it was a great way to jump on a big trend, whilst being totally on brand! Who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge? We’re sure they saw some great sales from the campaign.


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7. Paddy Power

‘Remember the crouch’. Paddy Power ran these tactical ads to show what the two metres looks like, using the height of Peter Crouch. This is a great campaign in our eyes, playing off the two-metre social distancing rule in a really tongue in cheek and funny way. Lifting people’s moods with the use of a well know famous personality, it keeps the rules front of mind and makes for a great dinner table conversation.

In times of uncertainty, the most effective marketing strategies focus on developing brand trust, rapport, and confidence amongst their audience. Such campaigns focus on putting the customer first and make sure they are at the heart of the offering. Whether achieved in an informative, humorous, or emotive way comes down to the specific brand’s style and personality, but being creative in their methods is vital to standing out against the crowd and ensuring continued engagement.

Not sure how you can speak to your customers to build that desired level of rapport and generate continued interaction? Speak to our team and we will help you to come up with a full proof strategy that will outlast any pandemic.

The Best Blogger Award 2019

Do you own a business or know someone who does? The Best Business Women Awards is an incredible opportunity to support and raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and inspiring business women. This year, there are even more opportunities to share, endorse and celebrate.

Wagada are proudly sponsoring the first ever Best Blogger Award at The Best Business Women Awards 2019. Our mission is to find and recognise the unique, engaging content creators in the UK. The award is open to women who have turned their blog into a successful business, building a supportive online community and personal brand. Wagada want to encourage all bloggers to enter the award this year, from social influencers to individual creators.

What are the benefits of entering?

– Looking to connect with successful influencers? By entering this award, you have the chance to network with other, like-minded people, creating long term connections and fresh tips and tricks to increase online presence.

– Want more engagement with followers? This award will support you in establishing trust with your followers, driving prospective new audiences and traffic to your website or blog.

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– Want free media exposure and PR opportunities? The award will be exposed through multiple platforms, such as radio, magazines and social media, allowing you to reach a wider audience and establish credibility.

There are endless reasons for you to enter the Best Blogger Awards 2019. So, if you have turned your blog into a business, this is the category for you and there is no time like the present to apply.

Who can enter?

Wagada are on the search for female bloggers who have monetised their blog in the UK, either for themselves or for a charity or cause. It is not about the number of followers you have, but the impact your blog and social media presence makes. Therefore, we want to encourage bloggers of any size to enter.

Judges will be interested in finding out how and why you started your blog, what motivates you, how you go about creating exciting content, how you engage with your readers and finally, what your biggest challenges are as a social influencer.

How to enter?

Entry for this award is all done online, it costs only £25.00 plus VAT and you can enter up to 2 categories. Ensure your entry has the wow factor to impress the judges and remember to add in facts and figures to portray your following and growth. Each finalist must be free to attend the final on 11th October 2019.

Categories include; fashion, lifestyle, digital and technology, health and wellbeing, sports and fitness, education, and lots more.

Some important dates for your diary:

Finally, Wagada would like to congratulate all of the talented businesswomen and bloggers in the UK. If you think that you or someone you know is this year’s Best Blogger, get applying. Entries are now open and close on the 15th of July 2019.