How to save time scheduling social media posts using HubSpot

Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook… keeping up with social media can seem like a never-ending task. The good news: if you feel like you’re spending all your time posting new content and replying to comments, there is a better way! Here we’ll show you how to save time scheduling content, monitor your impact, create professional graphics and keep on top of your @ replies – all using the social tool from HubSpot. 

Schedule your posts in advance 

Is posting throughout the day eating into your time? With the social media scheduling tool from HubSpot, you can craft your posts in bulk when it suits you, then set them to publish in advance, on the day and time of your choice. As well as saving on the laborious side of the job, this means your time can be better spent nurturing and honing your social connections to build a following that’s loyal and engaged. 

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Monitor your campaign 

With HubSpot, not only can you save time scheduling social media posts, you’ll also get automatic analytics for everything you publish – so you can see how well your campaigns are performing. HubSpot’s campaign analytics let you keep up with all the different platforms in one place and use the data to spot what’s working and what’s not. 

Keep on top of comments and replies 

The beauty of social media is the direct contact it affords with your audience. So it’s really important to monitor your comments and make sure you’re responsive in your interactions. With HubSpot, that’s made faster and simpler with a one-stop platform where you can see all your mentions in a single place. 

Use your time for the things that matter!  

By saving the time you’d otherwise spend posting and replying on social media, you can focus your energy on strategy, nurturing those connections to make a bigger impact for your business. And we can help: discover more about how you can grow your business with HubSpot today.