Working Mums Awards – Wagada make the finalists in two categories!

Cheryl Luzet - 30 September 2016


When you become part of the Wagada team you’ll find a great working environment, dedicated colleagues and the opportunity to keep developing professionally. What you’ll also realise is that Wagada are really supportive of flexible working, have a range of family friendly policies and aim to help women get back into the workplace after taking time out to have their children.

We know that it’s progressive thinking like this that really helps to empower women in our industry and we are very proud that Wagada has been recognised by this year’s Working Mums Top Employer Awards. In fact, we’re finalists in not just one but two categories! As you can imagine we are thrilled to be part of such an exciting initiative, and whilst we’ve got our fingers crossed for a win, we’re also looking at the bigger picture, because awards such as these really do spread the word about the importance of helping mums back into the workplace.

The awards ceremony will be held at London’s Soho Hotel on 1st November and is going to involve a keynote address by MPs Jess Philips and Flick Drummond who are joint chairs of the all-party parliamentary group on women and work. We’re really looking forward to hearing these inspiring women talk about the importance of flexibility in the workplace and learning about new government initiatives to help women with young families back into work.

So, let’s take a look at the award categories we have been selected for and we’ll explain why we think Wagada are winners when it comes to supporting women in the workplace.

SME Award – for companies with up to 25 employees

This award category recognises small companies who demonstrate a real commitment to work life balance practices which specifically help working parents. The majority of the Wagada team have young children and so a flexible approach to work is a given! We understand the frustrations of combining motherhood with a successful career and we’re always looking at ways to help team members get the best of both worlds.

This commitment to flexibility in the workplace ranges from team members working school hours so that they can do the all-important school run, to working from home when they have a poorly child or even choosing their working hours to fit around their childcare commitments.

We also know that just because you became a mum it doesn’t mean your brain stops working.  We support all our team in their career development, whether that’s attending industry conferences, getting a new qualification or even learning a new skill or specialism in digital marketing.

Cheryl Luzet, Wagada’s MD comments “I have found that the flexibility I offer my staff, and have championed from the beginning, leads to a much more motivated, productive and happier team who have that much sought after balance between their home and working life.”

Working Mums Champion Award

This is a very special award for stand-out individuals whose efforts have made a big difference to working mums in the workplace, and we are so proud of our very own Cheryl Luzet for making it to the final shortlist!

Cheryl is a woman with a vision and when she started Wagada in 2011 she wanted to provide top quality SEO services for a range of businesses. But she also had another objective. Cheryl could see how much marketing talent there was out there that wasn’t being utilised. She understood that women so often found themselves unable to return to the workplace after having children due to the high costs of childcare, a lack of flexible working and the prospect of hours and employers that weren’t family-friendly.

As a parent of two young children herself, Cheryl knows how important it is for working mums to be able to take time out to watch their child in their first school play or to be there to cheer them on at sports day. She felt there needed to be a solution for women who wanted to spend time with their children and who also wanted a challenging and dynamic role in the workplace – and thus, Wagada was born!

Today, Wagada is thriving and we have a pool of talented local mums who are able to work in the way that suits them best. Being a trailblazer in the digital world, Cheryl understands that technology means that her team can work from both the office and from home, and that the best working practices are about working smarter…not harder.

Cheryl has found that her commitment to supporting mums in the workplace has enabled her to build a successful business with a dedicated and loyal team who love what they do! The proof that flexible working really does work is in the number of very happy clients that Wagada has.

An increasing role for women in the technology industry

Working within the digital industry, it was also particularly rewarding for us to hear that Gillian Nisam, the founder of, picked up on the fact that in this year’s awards there are an increasing number of women playing vital roles in what have traditionally been male-dominated sectors such as technology. It’s great to know that we are leading the way within our industry and that we can hopefully inspire more women to get involved in our diverse, exciting and challenging business!

Ambassadors for working women

We’re so pleased that working mums are finally getting more support at work and that businesses in a number of high profile industries are reviewing their policies to help make them more family friendly. Wagada have definitely seen the benefits of flexible working and we are proud to be ambassadors for mums in the digital industry.

However we know that there is still work to be done to help change the working culture in the UK and so we’ll always support new initiatives to help with work life balance. We’ve recently been inspired by the #WorkThatWorks campaign run by Digital Mums and we’ll be taking part in National Work Life Week 2016. We’ll keep you updated on how we do in the awards so watch this space to find out if we win!