How to rank well on Amazon

Cheryl Luzet - 29 May 2015

We all know how important Google is for your search engine optimisation but, if you have a product to sell, did you know that setting up your SEO for Amazon can also be really important? In the field of e-commerce, Amazon is storming ahead of Google with three times more search volume for products. In fact in 2012 the New York Times stated that product searches using Amazon are growing whilst Google searches were remaining static. In this article we’ll look at how you can rank well for your products on Amazon.

So what’s the difference between a Google search and an Amazon search?

The key difference between Google and Amazon is how they make their money – and this in turn affects how they decide to measure success and rank their products. Google aims to make its profit from selling advertising, whereas Amazon wants to actively sell the actual products and make money from the sales. This means that Google will focus on issues such as click through rate and search refinement, whereas Amazon will be driven by product sales and profit margins made from selling those goods. Therefore Amazon really wants its sellers to optimise their products for a high conversion rate.

How can you rank highly on Amazon?

Make sure your listing is detailed and formatted correctly

When optimising for Google you have a blank page for your website. However when you set up your product page with Amazon you will be given a formatted page asking for certain details. Amazon knows what it needs to see in order to rank a product highly, so pay attention to what it is asking and make sure you fill in all the fields. Give as much detail as possible as this will really help customers when they are filtering products i.e. if you are selling a phone and it is green make sure you put the colour in too.

Look at your search terms

Customers on Amazon can be very specific with their search terms so make sure that you add any additional relevant search terms to your product – as this can really help to make your product more visible to customers. It can be worth taking the time to do some usability testing to see what terms your customers would use to search for your product as there may be some that you have not considered! Products such as Keyword Snatcher can help you to specifically identify keywords which people search for on Google.

Get the price right

Price can be a factor in how you are ranked so it is important to make sure that the price of your product is in line with other Amazon sellers. If your product is significantly more expensive than competing products you may find that people will not buy it and as your sales slip down, so does your place in the rankings.

Have a compelling and relevant title and bullet points

It is really important to get the title of your product right and to make sure that the descriptive bullet points underneath fully cover everything that a customer might want to know. Make sure that the title is really descriptive and includes all the key words that customers might use. You should also add in your brand name to your title as customers often search for products by brand.

Use images to your advantage

Amazon has stated that images with a zoom function have enhanced sales so it can be a great idea to get high quality images with a zoom facility. Make sure your product images are clear and show off your product to its best effect.

Encourage reviews

Good reviews show potential buyers that your products are good quality and that you are a reliable seller. A positive review can really help to encourage customers to choose you over your competitors, therefore pushing up the rankings. Make sure you always contact customers after a sale to ask them to write a review.

In summary, to rank well on Amazon you need to look at your SEO slightly differently than you would on Google. The main focus is on having a product that sells well as this will increase your visibility and status. By making sure that you give Amazon all the information that they need, thinking about customer search terms and having a competitively priced product with a good image you should start to see your ranking rise.