How to run a successful Facebook advertising campaign

Cheryl Luzet - 14 August 2015

Since Facebook launched paid-for and targeted advertising it has become really popular with small businesses. In fact, due to a change in their algorithms, it is now harder for brands and companies to get seen on Facebook unless they invest in a paid-for advertising campaign.

But the good news is that Facebook advertising can be very successful and it also doesn’t have to cost the earth. The minimum budget for a campaign is £1 per day and it can really help to improve your reach, increase your page likes and drive customers to your website too. However you need to put some thought and planning into your campaign to maximise its chance of success. Here are the key points that we recommend you consider before you begin advertising.

What do I want to achieve?

Facebook offers a number of different targeting options for your advertising campaign. The most popular reason people advertise is to get more likes to their pages, however there is also a feature to boost individual posts – so if you want to advertise a particular product or service, this a great way to make sure as many people as possible see that post.

Facebook can also offer targeted advertising to drive customers directly to your website. This is particularly good for small online retailers as it means customers can purchase a product quickly and easily, and it is a great short-term way to boost views of your site. You will also have the option to promote a specific offer or discount. So have a think about what you want your campaign to achieve and what advertising method will work best for your specific goals.

What will I get for my money?

Before you set your budget, you may want to investigate exactly what your money will buy you. Generally the more money you pay, the more likes you will get and the more people will see your advert. When you begin your campaign, Facebook has a handy tool which shows you the average amount of likes per day that you will get for your spend – so you can trial different daily budgets until you find the one which suits you best.

Who are my target audience?

Facebook uses an extremely clever algorithm to provide advertisers with a way of targeting specific customers. You are able to target age ranges and gender, and you can also choose locations. This can be a country as a whole or even a specific city or town.

Once you have chosen those demographics, you can then choose up to 10 keywords that your customers might be talking about on Facebook that link to your product. So a restaurant might pick words/phrases such as ‘eating out’, ‘Chinese food’ and ‘St Albans’ or a building firm might pick words such as ‘extension’, ‘planning permission’ and ‘architects’. This a great way to target a very specific audience.

How can I learn from my ad campaign results?

Of course at the end of any campaign it is vital to assess your results. Look at what went well and what you could do differently. We often suggest that it can be a good idea to trial two or three different targeted segments i.e. age groups or locations and then compare your results to see who you are getting the best response from. You can then use this data to inform your campaigns going forward.

Facebook advertising is a great way to give your social media pages a boost and to promote your products and services online. You can get good results with a modest budget and you can also target the people most likely to be interested in your business.

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