How to work with bloggers to get great online PR for your brand

Cheryl Luzet - 20 August 2015

It can often be hard for small companies to get seen online, especially in the hectic world of social media. A great solution and a fantastic way to get your brand mentioned and shared online is to work with bloggers to help increase your appeal to your potential customers.

Bloggers often have a large online following with hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people reading their blogs and listening to what they have to say on Facebook or Twitter. They can be a very influential voice and finding a blogger who fits with your business niche can be a great way to promote your product or service and give your company positive online PR.

However to create a really effective PR campaign for bloggers you will need to find the online influencers who fit with your target market and who have the voice that you want to promote your brand. Taking the time to build your relationships with bloggers, finding out who fits with your potential customer demographic and creating a PR campaign that bloggers will want to be part of isn’t always easy – so here are our top tips for how to work with bloggers to create great PR.

Make your campaign unique

Bloggers usually get many emails from businesses and PR companies who want to work with them. You don’t want your email to get lost in the crowd so you need to make your proposition stand out. Lots of PR campaigns are very generic and they often pay no attention to the individual bloggers lifestyle and character. This means that tailoring your campaign to what you know motivates that blogger is a great way to get them on board.

Take the time to read their blog and find out the issues that affect them, what they like and what their family enjoy. So, for example, a chocolate company might send Mother’s Day gifts to bloggers who they know have young children or celebration packages to bloggers who have just had a birthday. This personal touch is really appreciated and will often get your business shared and mentioned in the blogger’s social media or even linked to from their blog.

Get to know the bloggers you want to work with

Bloggers get many unsolicited contacts and so it is always good to get to know them online first so that they know who you are. Engage with them on Facebook or Twitter. They want to feel that brands genuinely like them and are interested in what they have to say.

Bloggers love to see their posts shared and re-tweeted and this is great but take the time to chat to them too. Ask their advice about your product or service and share their knowledge online. A great example of this is a supermarket asking food bloggers to tweet them their summer-inspired recipes and then re-tweeting them out to their followers.

Pick your key influencers carefully

Finally, pick the bloggers that you want to work with carefully. Take a look at how they engage with brands and find out what products and services they already promote as it can be a good idea to pick companies that are complementary to your own.

You should also watch how bloggers interact with their fan base. Sometimes a blogger with fewer fans who interact with them more can have a greater influence than a blogger with many fans but who rarely interacts personally with them.

Bloggers can be a great source of online PR. Once you win their loyalty to your brand they can be a fantastic team of influencers who will spread the word about your products and services online. 

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