Wagada are proud to support Get Out of the Rut!

Cheryl Luzet - 12 February 2016


As a St Albans based business we’re passionate about getting involved in our local community, bringing small businesses together and making a difference to the lives of people living in our area. Whether it’s having fun in the St Albans Pancake Day race (we made it to the semi-finals!), supporting the business leaders of the future in the Dragons’ Apprentice schools challenge or running workshops here at STANTA to help local companies learn more about Google – you’ll always see us getting involved. That’s why we were really excited to hear about a new local enterprise called Get Out Of The Rut. As soon as we found out about it we knew that we wanted to support such a positive and life affirming initiative!

What is Get Out Of The Rut all about?

You know that awful January feeling when you are stuck in a routine and you want to make positive changes but you don’t quite know how to do it? Well Get Out Of The Rut is an inspirational 12 week fitness and wellbeing programme designed to help two very deserving local ladies bring themselves out of that rut with over £6000 of life-transforming gifts from the St Albans community. The idea was thought up by Total Care Personal Training who are working with a number of fabulous local businesses to help these women in many different ways. From fitness training aimed to show that eating out doesn’t have to be unhealthy, to life coaching and personal styling, the ladies are being given a total makeover! We think that this programme is going to make a world of difference to the life of these two women and we’re looking forward to seeing the final results.

Who is Getting Out Of The Rut?

Two absolutely inspiring local ladies were chosen to travel on this 12 week journey of personal discovery.  The winners were nominated by the St Albans community and we think that they well deserve this fantastic opportunity. The first winner is 34 year old Shelley Mancusa. Shelley selflessly supported her brother when he suffered a traumatic brain injury. She then struggled with infertility for 6 years and giving birth left her with physical injuries which really damaged her self-esteem. The second participant is Carla Watson, also 34. Since her Father sadly passed away last year, Carla has been struggling to regain her healthy lifestyle. She works with some of the most vulnerable homeless people in our area and after giving so much to the community we think it’s time we gave something back to her!

How are Wagada helping?

As we’re social media experts, we are helping to spread the word far and wide about this amazing initiative. We want to get as many people as possible in the local St Albans community together to celebrate the achievements of these two wonderful women and to support them in meeting their goals in 2016!

You can help this amazing initiative by following the Get Out Of The Rut Facebook page and sharing updates on social media with the hashtag #GetOutofTheRut. Follow @TheRut_2016 and get Re-Tweeting!

 If you are a local business who would like to get involved please contact the team who would love to hear from you! Just drop them a line at TheRut@tcpt.co.uk or visit their website http://www.therut.tv/