Wagada visits BrightonSEO

Cheryl Luzet - 6 September 2016

When the Wagada team headed down to the south coast on September 2nd  for BrightonSEO we were delighted to find that the ethos of learning, sharing ideas and communicating in with peers in a warm and welcoming atmosphere remains despite the hugely impressive scale and a stellar line-up of speakers and sessions. With 3500 attendees packing the brightly branded Brighton Centre, it would be easy to assume that BrightonSEO is a far cry from its roots as an industry meet up in a pub, however, by retaining the community feel that we think the event truly thrives.

What did the conference have to offer?

The breadth and depth of topics and content available to learn about and discuss was hugely impressive including SEO, social media, analytics, PPC and so much more with the majority of sessions proving to be accessible enough for all members of the audience with a real range of backgrounds to understand, yet containing enough valuable industry insight to provide new approaches and ideas to the experts.

The organisers of BrightonSEO firmly believe that the event has no place for conference clichés, and this sentiment was shared by many speakers including a debunking presentation from Rice Media on the often stated ‘death of keywords.’ Branded3’s presentation covering why best practice just isn’t enough was another excellent example of the event’s commitment to providing content that encouraged attendees to strive for more and innovate to achieve results.

A theme of many of the talks was what the future holds for search what this means for digital today. Microsoft’s Purna Virji presented on the rise of voice searches and what the implications of this are on the use keywords. With the prediction that 50% of searches will be voice by 2020, it’s clear that the future might be coming a little quicker than anticipated. Christian Ward of Yext also presented on this theme speaking of the importance of data structuring in in light of this trend with an in-depth breakdown of the talk available online.

What if I missed out?

A highlight of the conference was the accessibility and emphasis on attendee experience of the event. In keeping with the inclusive atmosphere of the conference, speakers were more than happy to take extra time out and answer questions. With many of the talks firing inspiration amongst the digital marketers present, there were a huge amount of interesting questions raised and engaging discussions migrating from the auditoriums to the hallways.  With as many as 78 speakers across 7 venues, even those with a highly honed schedule may have found they missed some of the key talks. Ensuring that the headline presentations truly were unmissable all of the main talks were live-streamed and over 9 hours of content can be replayed courtesy of the team at Authoritas.com.

For those who unfortunately couldn’t attend BrightonSEO a wealth of resources has been made available online, both from the speakers themselves via twitter and on a number of marketing blogs. An excellent summary of the key points made in many of the talks is available here on receptional.com with the information often additional to the curated available slides helping to provide a better understanding.

An event that made an impression

After an action packed day full of new SEO ideas and strategies by the sea it’s safe to say that at Wagada we’re already eagerly awaiting next year’s event! If you’ve never visited BrightonSEO and are wondering if the event is for you, it’s a must see, highly accessible and altogether fun conference for anyone with a keen interest in digital.