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Our keywords are very competitive and we previously ranked nowhere for them. This is a huge achievement from Wagada to get us to the top for this search. They’ve also helped us to open up an additional revenue stream which is bringing in interesting work for our portfolio and has helped us financially during a difficult period. Keep up the good work.

Phil Allen, Entertainment Effects

Average increase in ranking positions
Increase in search traffic
Increase in organic page views

The Brief

Entertainment Effects came to us in 2017 with the goal of increasing awareness and ultimately attracting new clients through their website. With SEO as the main focus, we’ve worked at increasing website traffic and increasing rankings to help generate bookings.

Wagada’s Solution

  • Wagada carried out a full technical audit, identifying any issues with the site. These were then addressed and fixed to ensure a fully functioning site with user experience at the forefront.
  • We ensured the old site 301 redirected through to the new Entertainment Effects site, ensuring the authority of the old sites weren’t lost.
  • Keyword and competitor research were carried out to identify the best target keywords for the identified target market. The content across the website was then optimised to get the site ranking for relevant search terms.
  • Blog research, content creation and monthly uploads ensured fresh content was being added to the website.
  • More recently,  we carried out a content overhaul – rewriting main product pages and adding case studies and additional pages.

The Results

  • 100% increase in organic search
  • Increased organic search engine users by 114%  year on year
  • Increased organic page views by 75% year on year
  • 31 of 48 keywords on page one
  • Ranking at the top of page one for highly relevant search terms including ‘indoor pyro’, ‘water special effects’ and ‘flame effects’
  • 69% average increase in ranking positions
  • Increased visibility from 11% to 38%
  • Gained featured snippets for a variety of keywords including ‘event special effects’
  • Increased domain authority from 11 to 24
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