James and James Fulfilment: International SEO Project

We’ve stayed with Wagada for the long-term because they've adapted to our needs as we've grown. They continue to support us with their practical, flexible and consultative approach which works very well for our business and our needs.

James Hyde, Commercial Director, James and James Fulfilment

Increase in visibility
Keywords on page 1
Increase in search traffic

The Brief

  • James and James were expanding into the US and needed a plan for a US website. Wagada were brought in to execute a multilingual web design project, in both UK and US English. We were tasked to implement the two languages with the challenge of avoiding duplicate content issues
  • The website had been redesigned twice in a year and suffered lots of legacy issues, including redirect chains and duplicate content. It was obvious that there were numerous technical SEO issues with the website – our role was to identify and fix them
  • Focus PR and international link building both in the UK and US press, as well as across print, online and broadcast media
  • Build links to the home page as well as specific landing pages
  • Promote key thought leadership and corporate messages that James and James were keen to utilise in their chosen markets

Wagada’s Solution

  • We performed a detailed technical SEO audit that identified fundamental issues with the website, allowing us to formulate an information architecture and multilingual SEO plan, with ‘hreflang’ implementation.
  • Bringing in a web designer with the right experience in this field, we were able to implement the necessary changes. As well as addressing the issue of over 4,000 redirects, we identified content issues and improvements, re-optimising based on the keyword research.
  • Working with James and James, we were able to craft specific PR messages, advising on topics, peaks and press releases. Our combined targeted media lists for both the UK and US covered trade, local and national publications, and connected us to relevant broadcasters.
  • We distributed numerous press releases on behalf of the client, following up and liaising with specific journalists to ensure opportunities were found, targeted and met.Having undertaken a competitor analysis looking at link building, we were able to identify the gaps in the market and proposed and advised the relevant opportunities for both paid and free links.

The Results

Client quickly saw a return on investment with strong results just 2 months after the changes were implemented:

  • Visibility increased from 5% to 20%
  • Average position from 55 to 16
  • 23 keywords on page 1
  • 35% Increase in organic search traffic over 3 months
  • Appearance and interview on site for BBC Look East
  • Interview with trade publication, SHD Logistics magazine, with the option, later this year, to take up two speaking slots.
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