Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

An exciting marketing strategy and successful website launch saw Marshfield Farm significantly increase their online visibility and engagement.

Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services, Wagada Digital

For over 30 years, the team at Marshfield Farm have produced some of the country’s finest ice creams from their farm in Gloucestershire.

Now a thriving dairy farm with over 250 cows, the team at Marshfield Farm boast an array of award-winning flavours of ice cream which are sold to trade as well as direct to customers through home delivery. They have also developed the ‘Scoops Ice Cream for Dogs’ range, which is hugely popular amongst the country’s dog lovers and is almost guaranteed to get tails wagging.

The team at Wagada were approached by industry-leading design agency, Pixel & Dot to support Marshfield Farm with their new website launch, and build a plan designed to gain increased online visibility and engagement for the brand.

Position 1

for a number of transactional keywords including ‘ice cream for dogs’ and ‘ice cream delivery uk’



increase in average keyword position


increase in clicks from Google


click-through-rate achieved

Our solution

In order to maximise SEO performance, we worked alongside Pixel & Dot and began from a place of strategy to ensure the best possible tactics were implemented for long-term success.

  • Wagada’s team of digital strategists took an in-depth look into competitors and their target keywords, identifying opportunities to rank ahead of the competition for informational and transactional search terms. 
  • Further keyword research identified long-tail keyword opportunities, building recommendations for a content plan designed to increase ranking for popular search terms and ultimately increase online visibility. 
  • We executed a sitemap analysis and offered recommendations for our agency partner who then led the restructuring of the new website.
  • As part of the initial strategy, Wagada implemented pre and post-launch SEO audits and recommendations to ensure that Marshfield Farm’s new website launch was a smooth process from an SEO perspective.

The results

Within the first 3 months of the successful SEO migration and new site launch:

  • 17% increase in average keyword position year-over-year
  • Significant keyword gains for a large number of transactional keywords, appearing on page one for ‘ice cream delivery’ and ‘dog ice cream’, and top of search (position one, page one) for phrases including ‘ice cream gift delivery uk’ and ‘ice cream for dogs’.
  • Significant keyword growth for flavour-focused keywords, now appearing on page one for the phrases ‘raspberry pavlova ice cream’, ‘birthday cake ice cream’, ‘clotted cream vanilla ice cream’ and ‘ice cream flavours’ to name a few
  • 15% increase in clicks from Google search year-over-year 
  • Increase in average click through rate from Google search from 6.8% to 8.1% year-over-year

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Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

“An exciting marketing strategy and successful website launch saw Marshfield Farm significantly increase their online visibility and engagement.”

Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services, Wagada

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