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In a short period of time, the team executed a strategic social media launch campaign for GYMRHINO.

Daniel Jenkins, Wagada Digital

Quartzite Boulders are the creators of GYMRHINO, the world’s only life-size replica of Africa’s most famous boulder, the Rhino. Climbing the Rhino is on most boulderers’ bucket lists, so Quartzite wanted to bring the unique bouldering experience to climbing gyms across the globe. 

With no online presence, Quartzite’s Marketing Consultant Gemma approached the team at Wagada Digital with two challenges: 

  • To help raise Quartzite’s brand awareness
  • To drum up excitement surrounding the GYMRHINO’s launch at The Boardroom Climbing centre in Wales in just two weeks’ time

people reached on Instagram alone



followers on Instagram in a month


engagement rate on Facebook


cost per view on YouTube

Our solution

With just two weeks from the brief to the launch, Wagada Digital employed a hybrid strategy of paid and organic activity.

Our approach was split into three phases:

  • Raising awareness of GYMRHINO by reaching a niche target group of boulderers
  • Driving attendees at the launch event through engagement 
  • Proving the ROI for gyms to install GYMRHINO by gathering customer feedback and showing positive sentiment.

Wagada Digital developed a social media strategy, detailing how paid and organic social media could be utilised to reach and engage the bouldering community in a short space of time. 

We created social profiles on platforms we knew the target audience would be most active on – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

Working with our client, we used a variety of organic content and paid social activity, targeting climbing and bouldering enthusiasts specifically around the area of The Boardroom Climbing centre in Wales to encourage people to visit and climb GYMRHINO.

A new website with a campaign landing page was created to inform users and drive enquiries. 

Wagada Digital assembled a marketing pack for gyms hosting GYMRHINO to share. This included landing page copy, an email template, social assets and an online questionnaire. 

During the launch event, Wagada Digital were present onsite, where we took photo and video footage for further publicity. 

The results

In the one month project, Wagada Digital achieved:

  • 36,000 people reached on Instagram alone with the top performing Reel receiving 5,060 views. The Instagram account gained 279 Instagram followers in just a month.
  • A high Facebook engagement rate of 3.5% by engaging the bouldering community in Facebook groups. One video post received 1.2K views after being shared in numerous bouldering groups. 
  • With only four TikTok videos, we achieved almost 3,000 views and have helped to build up a bank of video content to ensure this platform grows for Quartzite Boulders.
  • High levels of engagement and UGC, particularly with comments from people excited about GYMRHINO and people tagging Quartzite in their posts. For example – “I saw it on Instagram and just had to give it a go.” 
  • Almost 1,500 users driven to the new landing page, with over half of those (51%) coming from social media.
  • Cost Per View (CPV) of £0.09 on Facebook and Instagram and £0.03 on YouTube.

Following the launch event, brand sentiment surrounding Quartzite was extremely strong. Feedback about the product was overwhelmingly positive and numerous people have expressed the desire to see GYMRHINO at more gyms and for Quartzite to increase its range of boulders. The Boardroom Climbing also stated that Quartzite Boulders brought their Facebook page alive again, having received minimal likes previously.

Quartzite had initially viewed the campaign as a soft launch but following its success and the feedback from boulderers and gyms alike, GYMRHINO will be on tour across the UK and Europe in 2023.

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