Digital Marketing for Cyber and Technology Companies

Why do you need a marketing strategy for the cyber and tech industry?

The cyber and tech world is changing rapidly, and your marketing tactics need to keep up. As the industry gets more competitive, it’s more important than ever that your business has a clear cyber and tech marketing strategy in place so that your services cut through the noise. 

At Wagada, we’ve worked with a wide range of exciting companies – from start-ups to larger, established tech and cyber businesses – to develop a marketing strategy and implement tactics that deliver tangible results. 

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How can we help you?

As a specialist tech and cyber marketing agency, we have a range of experience in delivering tangible marketing results for a number of clients in the tech space.

By taking a strategic approach, we ensure that the team identify and implement the most effective digital marketing tactics for your brand.

We’re also proud to be a HubSpot Specialist Partner. The HubSpot CRM tool has proved itself to be an excellent one-stop shop for aligning customer service, sales and marketing teams for tech and cyber businesses.

Communicate the right message, to the right people, at the right time

Become more customer-centric – get to know the right clients in need of the tech or cyber support you deliver, and how your solutions solve their problems

Align sales and marketing so that you’re projecting the message that your target audience will respond to

Assess the marketplace and who you are competing for attention with. Do you know who your key competitors are? Make sure that you stay one step ahead

Wagada have clearly demonstrated their commitment to getting to know our business and delivering strong results. The team has continually provided insight and proactive input bringing new ideas to the table.

Erfan Shadabi, comforte AG

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The tech and cyber industry faces the challenge of quickly converting leads, especially as SMEs are cautious to invest due to the overwhelming information. We’ll demonstrate how SEO, content creation, and employer branding can build trust and accelerate lead conversion.

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Wagada’s approach to digital marketing strategy

Our tried and tested approach to digital strategy has worked for countless companies within the technology space. The unique structure of our team puts strategy at the heart of everything that we do – each of our clients is managed by an account lead who looks after you on a day-to-day basis, and a strategist, who manages the direction and success of your project.


It all starts with a clear plan to align your marketing and sales. We set out a roadmap with SMART objectives for your technology and cyber digital marketing services to help your business get where you want it to be.


We begin actioning the marketing tactics set out in the strategy. Whether that be SEO to help ensure maximum online visibility, or inbound and outbound tactics such as Google Ads, email marketing, PR and social media, we are results-focused throughout. As a specialist technology marketing agency, we’ve seen how important it is to concentrate marketing efforts on the right tactics – rather than giving everything a go without clear focus.


Using plain English, we make it clear to your target audience that your services solve a problem. Whether that be cybersecurity or full infrastructure, we work to build trust and demonstrate expertise.


Using a dynamic reporting dashboard, the Wagada team will report ongoing results and success metrics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. 

Align marketing and sales

Too much marketing involves shouting very loudly to anyone who will listen. At Wagada, we take a different approach. When we create a marketing strategy for tech and cyber businesses, we work with both your marketing and sales teams, so that we are all on the same page. We ensure that we are aligned with your over-arching business goals and that marketing activity supports everyone involved in your company’s success.

We’re proud to be a HubSpot Specialist Partner.

Our team have used the HubSpot CRM tool to help a number of exciting clients, and it has proven itself to be an excellent one-stop shop for aligning customer service, sales and marketing teams for tech and cyber businesses. This means you’ll get the tools you need to attract and convert new business while looking after your current customers, whilst improving internal processes and efficiencies. 

Some of Our Tech and Cyber Clients:

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