Digital marketing and the AIDA model in 2019

25 June 2019

User habits are changing. Voice search is on the rise, screens are getting bigger again and the decision-making process online is becoming more and more involved.

The AIDA model is a basic marketing model which has arguably been used for centuries and is a simple acronym standing for: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

If AIDA isn’t in your strategy yet, read on. It could be the final piece of the puzzle and exactly what you need.


The first stage of the process. At this point, the consumer needs to be made aware of the product or service. These users do not yet know that they want or need it and are in the early stages of discovery. In order to generate awareness, content needs to be created as part of a brand awareness piece. Consider blog content that is tailored towards this. Information pieces designed to catch people at the very first stages of discovery.


Once consumers are aware, there is a key opportunity to create an interest. This is the hook, the content that drives the consumer to take further action. They may begin to research further, search with questioning terminology. Consider the opportunities in your email marketing campaigns to speak to these consumers and keep them engaged with your offering.


Marketing is about creating customer value, and driving an emotional response is key in this. As a marketer or advertiser, your digital content should be tailored to inform, educate and explain, but ultimately to connect the product, service or brand with the consumer. In doing this, an emotional response is generated, leading the consumer to the final stage of the process.

Have you ever introduced video marketing into your strategy? Users respond exceptionally well to visual content, and this could be your chance to bridge the gap between your brand and the target market. But remember: don’t cut corners. Your brand needs to be front and centre and the quality of your content needs to match the quality of your offering. Enlist the services of a professional video production company to create high-quality, branded video content for online distribution.


This content is designed to drive the final action. Content needs to have a comprehensive call to action and a clear message. This is the stage where an interested consumer makes the choice to purchase, subscribe or get in touch. Do you have effective sales pages on your website? Are there buttons encouraging purchase, subscription or contact? Do you have an effective online booking system? Is it easy to complete a contact form? All these things need to be considered and more to ensure that your marketing efforts do not go unrewarded.

How does AIDA fit within a digital marketing strategy in 2019?

It is important to consider all four aspects of this model, as too much of a focus on one could sacrifice the overall effect of your digital marketing content. If content is too light and top-level, reaching consumers in the awareness or interest stage, driving the final conversion can become challenging.

Likewise, if your digital marketing strategy is packed with sales focused campaigns, driving continuous calls to action and booking encouragement, users will become disengaged and walk away – or click off! This is because the early work hasn’t been done in order to make the all-important connection with the consumer.

How do I ensure that my digital marketing strategy ticks all the boxes?

Users see content everywhere they go. From bus shelters to billboards, TVs to mobile phones there is an array of content at every turn. Marketers need to think creatively in order to cut through the noise and ensure that their content is digested ahead of the competition.

In order to do this, a comprehensive content plan should look to speak to consumers at different stages of the decision-making process – or different stages of the sales funnel. Consider this when compiling a marketing strategy, and see the positive effects when you review your sales figures and customer satisfaction levels at the end of the year.

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