How to find your ideal job in digital marketing

23 March 2022

Whether you have years of experience in a digital marketing specialism or are about to embark on a brand new career, your dream digital role could become a reality if you know where to look for it!

Where do you see yourself?

First things first, decide whether a digital marketing agency or an in-house role suits you best. For those new to the digital industry, in-house simply means being exclusively employed by one business or company in their digital marketing department.

Consider the main differences between agency and in-house roles and where you might shine in those contexts. Digital marketing agencies offer the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, offering new experiences every day. In-house roles may not offer the kind of variety that could be found in an agency but can offer a unique opportunity to grow within their specific sector.

Many digital agencies will consider hiring staff who lack experience but can demonstrate their potential, so if you’re new to digital marketing, take some time to research the basics and identify where your transferable skills lie.

Are you looking to specialise?

Do you like writing, designing, coding, social media, or are you more analytical? There is something for everyone in digital.

Consider whether you are looking for a more general or strategic digital marketing role or if you want to develop a specialism. Generalised roles can suit those who are passionate about working in digital but don’t yet have the experience to specialise, or simply prefer to keep their options open.

If you’re already experienced in SEO, Google Ads, social media, or any of the vast choice of digital marketing specialisms, consider where you would like your next job to take you in your personal career growth.

The best agencies to work for are those such as Wagada that help staff to identify their strengths and champion them as they grow into their specialism.

Consider speculative applications

The digital marketing industry is forever growing, changing, and developing and you may hold a skill set that a company hasn’t yet considered they may need. Taking that first step to send a speculative application rather than waiting for the perfect role to be advertised could be the way to find your ideal digital marketing role.

An even better way to make a lasting first impression is to drop your CV off by hand. This gives you the opportunity to properly introduce yourself. It also allows you to get a feel of the company culture so you can understand if it would be a good fit for you – and, indeed, you for it.

Research specialist digital recruiters

Looking for new job opportunities can be time consuming, particularly if you are not sure where to start. Using specialist digital recruiters can help you focus in on the roles that interest you. You can also sign up to mailing lists, such as this one from BrightonSEO, to find out about employment opportunities.

Don’t forget to look for opportunities on your doorstep

When you’ve decided to take the leap to find your perfect digital marketing role, don’t forget that you may not need to look too far. Research businesses near you, you never know that dream job could be right around the corner, literally!

Your ideal digital role could be with us at Wagada. Make sure to have a look at our career opportunities.