How to maximise your social media presence at Christmas

4 December 2018

The Christmas season is well underway and what better time to start making your social media feeds more festive! Many businesses are rolling out their Christmas campaigns, meaning users are often bombarded with endless Christmas sales posts.


Sharing how you decorate your office space for Christmas can create fun, light-hearted social media posts that are relatable and familiar to users online – BINGO! It helps to humanise your channel, giving a more personal touch to the business online, something that is highly valued on social media ever since Facebook changed its algorithm in 2014 to disfavour marketing/sales posts. We’d recommend setting an afternoon aside in the early days of December to get knee-deep in fairy lights & tinsel. Having a set, planned time to decorate the office may not be very spontaneous, but it’ll make sure you have enough content to share online and also provides the perfect opportunity for a bit of team-bonding (complete with Christmas tunes of course!).

Make sure you have someone on hand to capture the process of transforming your workspace into a winter wonderland, whether it’s a timelapse, photos or quick videos…or all 3! Without good media content, you limit the effectiveness of your Christmas social media posts.


A huge part of Christmas includes the festive feasts! It’s no secret that many like to indulge over the Christmas period, especially as most like to share this on social! From limited edition Christmas sandwiches to big banquets, food often dominates a good part of social media. Food-related polls on twitter make for good, easy engagement and can create natural discussions online with fellow Twitter users – gold dust to any business’ social media feeds!

If your office is lucky enough to have a shared advent calendar, now is the time to get sharing with what’s inside each door on social media! It’s also a great chance to mention the brand who created the calendar which could help boost engagement and reach if they were to engage with your posts.

This year, we’re taking part in a Reverse Advent Calendar. Each day we’re donating one food item during the countdown to Christmas, ready to be handed over to our local food bank. The Trussell Trust, creators of this amazing cause, reported that food banks give out 47% more food supplies in December than any other time of the year. What better reason to get involved and give back this Christmas! We’re uploading what we’re donating, and from what member of the Wagada team, every single day. Be sure to tune in!

National Days

Look out for these upcoming national days to help maximise the reach and potential engagement on social media! Often found in the Trending section on Twitter, these National hashtags are a great way to interact with a new audience with similar interests and take part in a wider conversation. To make sure your post is successful, we would advise researching these days in advance to help get you and your team organised. Wagada will be interacting with the following Christmas National Days:

1st of December – National Christmas Lights Day

8th of December – National Christmas Tree Day

14th – National Christmas Jumper Day

Pop these in the diary and get sharing on social! Make sure to interact with other people’s posts using the same hashtag to help generate clicks through to your feed.

Events/team outings

With Christmas comes work Christmas parties! Share how your company is celebrating the festive season with lots of photos, ensuring to tag the venue. Sharing team building activities and any other events occurring outside of work can help users relate to users online on a more personal level. Extra-curricular activities shared online can say a lot about your personality as a team, helping to humanise the business and become more relatable, likeable and familiar.

We’ll definitely be following these tips on our own social media over the next few weeks, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date!