How to Share your Google Analytics and Search Console Accounts with Wagada

We can add your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to our master account. This allows us to monitor them better as all our clients’ accounts are in the same place and means we don’t need to use your username and password to access them.

By sharing your account with us, it gives you control over who can see it. If you decide to stop working with us, it’s very easy for you to remove our access without you having to change your password.

To Give us Access to Google Analytics

If you are happy to share your Google Analytics logins:

If you have the logins for your Google Analytics account and are happy to share them with us, then we will login using your username and password the first time and share the accounts with our account.

If you prefer not to share your username and password:

It may be that your Google username and password for Analytics is the same as the one you use for your Gmail account. In which case, you won’t want to share this information with us and it would be better for you to share the account with us directly.

Here’s how you do that:

1. Sign in to Google Analytics:
2. Click Admin on the bottom left of the page
3. Select User Management under Account on the left
4. In the Account Users list, click +, and then click Add new users
5. Enter our Google account address: [email protected]
6. Select the Permission level ‘Edit’ and ‘Manage Users’
7. Click ‘Add’

To Give us Access to Google Search Console

If you don’t already have Google Search Console set up, we will set it up for you. If you already have it, you can give us access to it by doing the following:

1. Log into Search Console using your Google account:
2. Go into the website that you would like to share with us.
3. Click on the Settings (cog) button
4. Click on Users and Permissions
5. Click the Add User button on the top right of the screen
6. Add in our Google account details: [email protected] and select ‘full’ access.
And that’s it! Thanks for your help with this important element of our work with you.