Keeping the team and our clients in high spirits: Our new Wagada Towers gin

1 August 2022

At Wagada, we have two main passions: digital marketing and gin. For those that enjoy a glass, post-work drinks on a Friday usually feature a Gordon’s (or two) across the team. So, when we discovered that we have unique botanicals surrounding our St Albans office, we jumped at the chance of creating a gin that encompassed our ‘Wagada Way’.

Bottling up Wagada’s values:

There are already hundreds of gins on the market, so we knew our gin truly had to be different. Using the finest assortment of botanicals, foraged from the banks of the River Ver next to our office, we’ve created a drink that showcases our company values: passionate, flexible, honest and human.

client relationship manager with wagada gin

What does the gin smell like?

Upon opening the bottle, you’ll be met with a strong and passionate aroma of lilac and meadowsweet – immediately giving off a fragrance of rose and jasmine. The meadowsweet plant, typically found on riverbanks, has a flavouring that resembles the sweetness of elderflower. Interestingly, according to the Woodland Trust, Meadowsweet was used by Queen Elizabeth I as a straw… and if it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for us!

How does it taste?

Now onto the taste. Our gin features Celandine, a flower that’s part of the buttercup family. Lesser Celandine boasts a flexible sweetness once cooked, and some say it resembles the taste of sweet chestnuts. In our gin, the Celandine exudes a delicious peppery kick on top of both grapefruit and vanilla undertones.

wagada gin bottle and glasses of gin and orange

These floral notes give our gin a delightfully sweet taste, but this is balanced with the earthy flavours of Oakmoss. These woody, honest base notes of Oakmoss are complemented by angelica root and vanilla. Angelica root boosts the exciting duality of sweet and bitter, adding to our peppery spirit. It’s also often found in gin to preserve its aroma for a longer period of time.

We wanted to create something as unique as our team, that’s why we’re immensely proud of our new gin venture. To make sure that our new spirit encompasses one of our most important values – to be human – each team member has been gifted a bottle to try. 


Just like with our digital marketing knowledge, we wanted to make sure that the passion for our new gin is shared far and wide. That’s why we’ve begun gifting bottles of our new Wagada Towers gin to clients upon their visit to our offices.

Our CEO, Cheryl, said: As many people know I am a massive gin fan and a collector of lots of different sorts of gin, so creating our own gin was always a dream of mine. We wanted to do something different, as a gift to reward staff and clients and to get our branding out there. It was important to me that this was something unique to Wagada, as I have always wanted to ensure that we followed our own path, and so we went to a distiller who send a forager round to our uncover the finest botanicals from around our offices in St Albans – we are based in an old mill along the banks of the River Ver. We chose our favourite from 3 blends that they created for us, as it had an unusual flavour – a combination of pepper and vanilla that goes well with a high quality tonic and a few slices of lemon. In the future, I’d like to develop new flavours and uncover different tastes.”

wagada gin bottle

With the help of our wonderful distillers – Spirit of Hertfordshire – we’ve been able to bottle up our values into one delicious spirit. The craft distillery specialises in creating local gin, so our bottle boasts something truly unique – featuring the vibrancy of local flavours. 

Stay up to date with our gin journey

We’ve just started our gin journey here at Wagada, so watch this space for future distilling developments! You can stay up to date through our LinkedIn and Instagram pages.