Keeping us all smiling when we need it most

9 April 2020

Life is all a little crazy right now. Figuring out our new normal, trying to slot into a daily routine and wondering how stressful our next trip to the supermarket is going to be.

But amongst all the angst and confusion, we’ve been looking for some of the good, however small, to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, to put a smile on all your faces, we thought we’d share a light-hearted round-up of our favourite things that have come to light over the past few weeks.

1. The memes

If there was ever a time for us all to find our inner creative comedian, now is definitely that moment. The memes flying around social have been a source of daily amusement, giving us reasons to keep laughing with our friends as we forward them from Whatsapp chat to Whatsapp chat to Whatsapp chat. Whoever is making all of these… please don’t stop!

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2. Rekindling our old webcam MSN dates

When was the last time you used your computer’s webcam for anything other than a work conference call? In fact, when was the last time you actually video called your friends for a catch up? We’re loving just how creative everyone is getting – from daily Zoom workouts with friends and digital dinner parties, all the way to House Party stag dos and virtual pub quizzes. It’s great to see how we’ve been making the most of the digital world we live in.

3. The sense of community

We often think how anti-social people can be, particularly in the capital – going about our own business and glaring at anyone who dares show even the glimpse of a smile towards us. Yet, this situation has shown just how loving, caring and friendly we can all be. One of our favourite examples of this is the latest service to crop up in Hertford – Shop + Drop. Delivering essential goods packages to vulnerable individuals who can’t leave their homes, it’s been amazing to see how the community has clubbed together to make this happen.

Big shout out to our client, Croft Communications, who have donated a phone line service to ensure no one feels disconnected or unable to source their deliveries.

Joanna Hughes delivers to Peter Ruffles

4. The awesome inventions and creative ways of thinking

Whilst we’re almost certain that the alcohol industry will be one of those very few thriving sectors right now, it’s been amazing to see how some distillers have been thinking a little outside the box in how they can use their product for more ways than one. Announcing plans to switch to producing hand sanitiser during the Coronavirus pandemic, 58 Gin, has certainly made a name for themselves, distributing their new product to vulnerable people, including elderly neighbours, homeless charities and those in care homes. Now that is excellent PR!

5. The love for the NHS

It’s very easy to take our health for granted and even easier to take our public health service for granted when we don’t need it. It’s been truly heartwarming and special to see the love that has been shared from everyone around the country for our amazing NHS. Seeing the flags waving, hearing saucepans banging and watching people singing from the rooftops every Thursday night in admiration of our NHS heroes has been a truly humbling experience.

6. Neighbourly spirit

When was the last time you even spoke to your neighbours? Now, streets have got community Whatsapp chats set up, Number 5 is shopping for themselves, number 10 and 26 and we’re actually stopping to have a quick chat with others on our trip to put the bins out (socially distanced of course!) We haven’t seen community and neighbourly spirit like it since the Golden Jubilee street parties back in 2002. It’s nice to know we’re surrounded by helpful and caring people.

7. Respect for the elderly

We were always brought up hearing ‘respect your elders’, but it’s been lovely to see this truly put into practice. Supermarkets up and down the country have dedicated specific hours for older individuals, giving them the chance to get their weekly spree in without having to come into contact with too many other people.

8. The level of creativity when it comes to protection

Whether you’re a mask wearer or choose to live the naked face life, a round of applause has to go to some absolute geniuses out there who have gone above and beyond to keep themselves protected. Thank you Bored Panda for rounding up some absolutely outstanding examples.

9. House-bound activities

The news, internet and social media sites have blown up with videos of hilarious and some-what unbelievable challenges being undertaken by several individuals. Flats full of Italians have been channelling their inner opera singer to help pass the time, people have completed marathons in their 6ft garden and others have walked their dogs on a lead from their second floor balcony. Whatever you are getting up to from the comfort of your own home, we’re loving hearing about it.

10. We’re starting to realise how grateful we are for life

Whilst not necessarily the way we would have wanted this to play out, one thing that the COVID-19 situation is definitely teaching us, is to be grateful for life. For the freedom to go and do as we please, to be able to hang out with friends at our own leisure, to do things as simple as going food shopping without anxiety or worry. Once this is all finally over, we hope we can remember the time when all those small perks of life weren’t so possible, remembering to smile at the simple luxury of living.

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