Marketing trends 2023: 5 digital marketing tactics you need to know

30 September 2022

With 2023 on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about the latest marketing trends and what you need to know.

When considering the cost of living crisis in the UK and the world firmly living in the digital era, digital marketing will be more important than ever in 2023. Taking into account the national and global climate, the benefits of digital marketing will prove essential for the year ahead, because it is:

  • More cost effective than traditional methods of marketing
  • Can generate a global reach
  • Enables effective targeting
  • Can be quantified through enhanced reporting

1. Start 2023 with a Marketing Strategy

When considering the latest marketing trends, it’s important to think how these will be used to support your business objectives. A marketing strategy should take into account all marketing tactics as well as the latest marketing trends and how these will be used to support the customer journey.

As they say: if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. A strong marketing strategy will be essential to maximise the success of digital marketing tactics. We recommend considering the below marketing trends for 2023, and how these can enhance your marketing strategy.

2. Attracting Customers through Video

With the online user attention span at an all-time low, video content will continue to be a key marketing trend for 2023. This is due to video being easier to digest and remember compared with written content.

Research has shown that video is also important in the customer journey. According to HubSpot, 66% of consumers have watched a type of video content, such as a product demo to learn more about a brand or product before purchase.

Due to the rise in popularity of video content among customers, we are also starting to see Google prioritising websites that include video content in search results.

It’s time to ensure that video content is part of your content marketing.

Man engaged in a video on his phone

3. Email Marketing is Here to Stay in 2023

Despite email marketing being one of the original digital marketing tactics, it has evolved to become one of the most compelling. Data from 2022 showed that 77% of marketers saw an increase in email engagement.

But why is email marketing still an essential digital marketing tactic?

  • Can be segmented by target audience, including tailored messaging
  • Cuts through the noise on social media
  • Supports the customer journey, both to help convert customers and to retain them

With a strong marketing strategy, email marketing has huge potential. It’s safe to say that email marketing is here to stay as a key digital marketing trend in 2023.

4. Enhance Trust with User-Generated Content (UGC)

Trust will be key for consumers in 2023. This is due to the financial landscape where people are having to be increasingly careful with their disposable income. UGC is created by consumers and can be very effective on social media.

Examples of UGC include:

  • Giving a review or testimonial
  • Unboxing a product
  • Modelling a product
  • Blog or vlog

People ultimately trust other people, rather than brands. With the cost of living crisis, UGC will be an even more powerful digital marketing tactic in 2023.

Women filming a product demo

5. Personalised Marketing

Consumers not only want personalised marketing, they demand it, and this demand is set to rise in 2023. According to a McKinsey & Company study, 78% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from brands that provided a personalised customer experience.

Taking this one step further, omnichannel personalisation is an emerging digital marketing trend for 2023. To achieve this, a strong marketing strategy will be essential to develop personalisation across all of your brand’s marketing channels.

Develop an innovative marketing campaign in 2023

Are you looking to enhance your digital marketing with top marketing trends for 2023? The Wagada Digital team can help you to develop a marketing strategy that aligns to your business goals or work with you to implement marketing trends for 2023. Contact us for a chat.