We’re proud to support the National Star

Why we are supporting National Star

We were totally blown away by the students at the Circle2Success Christmas event – they spoke from the heart and really inspired us! A number of our team members have loved ones that live with disabilities, so we knew this was the perfect charity partner for us in 2023.

So far we have completed the Sunrise Walk on 26th March, and we’re also challenging ourselves to get fit and active by taking part in the ‘Go Far, be a Star’ challenge. We’re thinking lunchtime walks, hitting the treadmill, and even horse riding – anything to keep things interesting! Let’s do this!

About National Star

National Star is an independent college that specialises in further education for individuals who have physical disabilities, brain injuries, and related learning difficulties. Through their specialised educational programs, they empower young people to take control of their lives and realise their potential as equal and active citizens.

The funds raised will be directed towards the construction of new, specialised residential accommodations. These facilities will be fully equipped to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities, featuring wide corridors to accommodate wheelchairs, ensuite bathrooms, and accessible kitchens. This project is of immense importance to the students, as it will provide them with the opportunity to grow and learn how to live more independently.

How Wagada Digital is supporting National Star

Get ready for some serious fundraising action because Wagada is taking on the ‘Go Far Be A Star’ challenge to support our partner charity, National Star! Each team member is covering a whopping 190 miles by July 2023, which is the same distance as our Cheltenham and St. Albans offices – and back! We’re not only pushing ourselves to the limit, but we’re also doing it for an excellent cause. But wait, there’s more! In addition to the fundraising challenge, we’ll also be supporting the charity’s digital and marketing specialists.

Join us in supporting this incredible charity by donating on our JustGiving page:

Track our progress for ‘Go Far Be A Star’ on social media

We will be sharing frequent updates on our social media profiles. Go follow our progress:

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Wagada Digital team is taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise money!

Our team is gearing up to conquer the 24-mile trek, with no guide… We’re excited (and slightly nervous) to push ourselves to the limit and support a fantastic cause in the process.

We’ll be sure to share updates and photos on our socials from the challenge, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to support us, you can donate through our JustGiving page:

How our team feels

Seeing people with disabilities receive the support they need to thrive and achieve their goals is truly inspiring. Also, I think National Star’s commitment to promoting independence is incredible as it helps create a more inclusive society.

Daria Isanska, Digital Marketer Daria Isanska, Digital Marketer

I have personally witnessed the positive impact National Star has made on individuals and our community. Their dedication to making a difference and unique programs have the potential to create meaningful and lasting change, which is why I want to be part of their efforts.

Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services

I’m really excited for the Wagada Digital team to support the National Star. They’re an amazing charity that provides an innovative approach to providing specialist further education. Their college is on my doorstop in Cheltenham, so it’s been great to already be involved in some of their events!”

Emily Redman, Account Manager Emily Redman, Account Manager

Sunrise Walk

Our dedicated team member, Emily Redman took park in the Sunrise Walk!

Starting early in the morning, Emily braved the early morning chill and hiked along with the scenic route.

We were impressed by her dedication to finishing the walk despite the unfavourable cold and rainy weather. And we feel proud of her accomplishment which has helped raise funds for our charity partner.

Support National Star

Please help us raise money for this amazing charity whilst we aim to achieve our challenge for ‘Go Far Be A Star’ of racking up 190 miles each by the July 2023!