We’re proud to support The OLLIE Foundation

Why we are supporting The OLLIE Foundation

Nick is our Managing Director and feels very passionate about The OLLIE Foundation.

He is qualified as a mental health first aider and believes mental health is a critical subject, especially in the workplace.

Play the video to find out why our chosen charity is important to him.

About The OLLIE Foundation

The OLLIE Foundation provides help and training for adults to support young people with their mental health.

Thanks to OLLIE’s workshops, they have trained over 2000 people who are now more finely tuned to those around them who may be vulnerable to suicidal ideation.

We are all aware of the importance of mental health and the struggles people dealing with suicidal thoughts can have. By donating and raising awareness for The OLLIE Foundation, we can help young people feel less alone by ensuring that they get the support they need with their loved ones by their side.

How Wagada is supporting The OLLIE Foundation

To help raise awareness of this great cause, alongside a number of fundraising activities taking place throughout the year, we are supporting OLLIE spread the suicide prevention message through the power of digital marketing. We hope to raise as much as possible to further support OLLIE in the great work they do.

A shared vision for wellbeing

At Wagada, we believe in a strong company culture that puts well-being at the forefront. That’s why two of our core values are Honest and Human; we recognise the importance of being open and comfortable in the workplace if we are to be successful at what we do and allow our staff to develop and thrive. 

We believe that everyone should feel safe and confident to express their views in the workplace. We have a relaxed environment where our employees are encouraged to participate, and if they have any issues or worries there is always someone to talk to.

The decision to support the OLLIE Foundation is a personal one, as we care deeply about supporting the team’s mental health. Just like OLLIE, we believe that it’s critical to have those difficult conversations and break the stigma attached to disclosing, facing, and dealing with mental health issues.

– Cheryl Luzet

How our team feels

With all the resources available to us and the emphasis placed on wellbeing in schools and businesses, it’s still alarming how many young people still feel they have no other choice! The Ollie Foundation offers that critical support network for families, offering crucial preventative training and education as well as bereavement support.

Jim Lewis, Client Relationship Manager

The statistics surrounding poor mental health and suicide in the UK make for harrowing reading. Each number represents a person’s life, and it’s so important to me personally that the balance is redressed and solutions are in place to both raise awareness and prevent suicide amongst adults and young people of all ages. Partnering with OLLIE enables us to play a small but important part in that journey, with a shared ethos and vision of effecting real change amongst a demographic desperately in need of help.

Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services

The OLLIE Foundation is a fantastic charity to support as they are working with communities to promote good mental health amongst young people. They offer a wide range of different resources to help inform and educate. From experience, this is extremely valuable when trying to learn how to cope, and support when a young person is suffering.

Charlotte Stephen, Digital Marketer

Support The OLLIE Foundation 

We hope that you share our opinion that our chosen charity is doing fantastic work for vulnerable people. Support the OLLIE Foundation in its mission to prevent suicide and get young people talking.