Charlotte Stephen

Digital Marketing Manager

Charlotte Stephen, Digital Marketer at Wagada Digital

Charlotte is a Digital Marketing Manager here at Wagada Digital, acting as an Account Manager for several of our clients as well as specialising in SEO link building. Joining us after working in the construction industry as a Contracts Support Manager, she has a degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion from Nottingham Trent University and enjoys putting her knowledge and skills into practice in her day to day role.

Digital marketing specialisms

Charlotte has years of experience of working with clients and resolving their needs, both as a Contract Support Manager in her previous role, and as an Account Manager here at Wagada Digital.  This experience partnered with her degree make her a natural digital marketer. Since joining us, Charlotte has also developed her skills in link building, and is our go-to expert on all things outreach.

And another thing…

In her spare time, Charlotte is an avid dog lover so loves to look after them and take them on long walks. She also loves a brunch with her friends!