Cheryl Luzet


Cheryl Luzet CEO of Wagada Digital

Cheryl founded Wagada Digital in 2011 with a desire to create the sort of agency that she would have wanted to work with as an in-house marketer. Having worked in both in-house and agency roles in London during her 15-year career prior to Wagada Digital, her experience gave her fantastic insight into where other agencies were not meeting the needs of their clients.

Transparency, creativity and proactivity are key mantras for everything that we do at Wagada Digital. Data-orientated and strategy-led, Cheryl’s love for the iterative process of testing and refining ensures that we’re always reassessing what we’re doing, how it’s working and that clients are fully informed of the ROI in what we do for them.

Cheryl’s aim for the agency is to make specialist digital marketing expertise accessible to ambitious, growing businesses. She works on a no jargon/no fluff policy and is keen to ensure that clients can upskill while we work together, which is why we put on free of charge training sessions for all clients on a monthly basis. We take the in-house marketing teams that we work with on the journey with us, ensuring that they always understand what we’re doing and that they get the opportunity to further their own knowledge.

Embedded in life in Wagada Digital is the idea of embracing failure, something which Cheryl is really passionate about.

“Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Cheryl believes that testing and learning has to form a big part of any digital marketing campaign, which inevitably involves a degree of failure, to help us to understand what exactly is working.

Wagada Digital has won several workplace wellbeing awards and promoting a positive working environment was key part of Cheryl’s goals for the agency. She works on a policy of happy staff = happy clients. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun. Perks such as a 4-day week on the last week of the month, and 38 days holiday allowance including bank holidays for long-serving staff have allowed us to recruit and retain the best staff.

Training has always formed a big part of life at Wagada Digital as it allows us to do our best work. Cheryl is so keen for the team to feel the benefits that training provides that she dedicates 5% of Wagada Digital’s turnover to the training, tools and conferences that the team needs to keep on top of the changes and developments in digital marketing.

We’re different and we’re proud of it. Cheryl chose the name Wagada to reflect that we’re not your run of the mill agency, looking to put profit before everything else.

For Cheryl, Wagada Digital’s people and clients will always come first.