Cheryl Luzet


Cheryl Luzet

Cheryl spent 15 years working in the travel and publishing sectors, along with a stint in the NHS, specialising in website editing, content production and user experience. She’s worked in SEO right from the beginning and has seen through many changes in the digital landscape.

With a passion for learning new things, Cheryl can be found at SEO conferences and networking events picking up new tips and meeting the experts.

Outside of work Cheryl loves spending time in St Albans with her family, reading and doing pilates. She also enjoys growing fruit and veg (and the occasional weed) on her allotment.

Why Wagada?
Cheryl set the business up in 2011, just after Google’s big algorithm changes which made high quality search engine optimisation more important than ever. SEO has often had a bad name, but Cheryl was determined that Wagada would be known for transparency, honesty and high quality service.