Dee Overfield

Head of Digital

Dee Overfield

Dee joined Wagada back in 2016, specialising in SEO and as a key Account Manager, Dee heads up a number of clients across a range of industries, covering everything from travel and interior design to telecoms and data security. From SEO to Google Ads, Dee works with her clients to develop strategies that are results-orientated and lead generation focussed.

Dee makes it her mission to keep on top of ever-changing industry trends, regularly strategising, tweaking, and testing to find the best approach to increasing her clients’ website visibility. She knows that what might have worked back in 2016 is very unlikely to have the same effect now and finds it extremely rewarding to see her tenacity paying off, ensuring her clients’ organic traffic consistently increases year on year.

An absolute extrovert, Dee has a really great relationship with everyone she works with, enjoying the team-orientated and personable nature of the job. She’s a regular at the UK’s most renowned SEO conferences, including BrightonSEO and UnGagged, bringing back a wealth of knowledge to share with her colleagues.

Outside of work, Dee’s a bit of a cinema buff (and dreams of becoming Mrs DiCaprio). Anyone at Wagada will tell you how incredibly competitive she is and she loves a racquet sport – tennis especially. Dee might not be so great on the court but does a really good job of cheering on Roger Federer.