Emily Walker

SEO Specialist

Emily Walker

Emily Walker is a SEO Specialist focusing on keyword research and SEO, with the aim of boosting her clients’ visibility online and ensuring that their websites generate leads and engagement.

Digital marketing expertise

Here at Wagada Digital, Emily is the go-to person for all things related to search engine optimisation and keyword research. She specialises in researching and recommending the words and phrases that our clients’ websites should rank for, and measuring their search engine performance for these keywords.

In her former life, Emily completed an MSc in Marine Biology. Wanting to combine her love for science and creativity into a career, she embarked on a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. After working in an in-house marketing role, she joined Wagada Digital in 2019, and hasn’t regretted making the leap into agency life. Her scientific skills make her well equipped for experimental design, trialling and testing, and inferring and reporting – all vital skills in Wagada Digital’s data-driven approach to SEO.

And another thing…

In Emily’s spare time, you will find her singing into her hairbrush in the mirror, socialising with friends, keeping up with family and painting.

If you still can’t find her, she’ll be underwater somewhere, scuba diving with the fish.