Emily Walker

Senior Digital Marketer

Emily Walker

This is Emily, one of Wagada’s spiffing Digital Marketers. She joined Wagada in January 2019 and fitted into the team like a glove. Previously, Emily worked in-house with a small team and hasn’t regretted taking the leap into agency life. She works on a range of clients, from local based businesses to companies operating on a national scale. Emily’s aim is to boost her client’s visibility online and convert a website into a lead generating choo-choo train.

In her former life, Emily completed an MSc. in Marine Biology. One day, she found herself lying in bed, thinking about how she could combine her love for science and creativity into a career. What followed was a horizontal roly-poly into a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Emily’s scientific skills make her well equipped for experimental design, trailing and testing, and inferring and reporting. Her passion for the natural environment allows her to empathise with the needs and feelings of her clients’ customers.

In Emily’s spare time, you will find her singing into her hairbrush in the mirror. She won’t even be embarrassed about it. If she’s not there, you will find her socialising with friends, keeping up with family and painting.

If you still can’t find her, she’ll be underwater somewhere scuba diving with the fish.