Matt Cooley

Digital Transformation Specialist

Matt Cooley, Digital Transformation Specialist

As a Digital Transformation Specialist within our Digital Transformation Team, Matt uses his keen analytical skills paired with a strong eye for design, to help clients achieve their goals.

Digital marketing specialisms

As part of the Digital Transformation Team, Matt works on a variety of website development and HubSpot management projects for Wagada Digital clients, helping them to achieve their business objectives through a strategic and results-driven approach to digital marketing. Following the data to find answers, Matt is primed and ready to help clients stand out in a chaotic online world, making use of new artificial intelligence marketing tools where relevant, to get the best results. He enjoys the sense of achievement that comes from simplifying complex processes and finding the most direct and effective approach to bring in an ROI.

Matt is inspired by the enthusiasm and motivation that clients display for achieving their business goals. He aims to match that enthusiasm, investing himself in their business, making their problems his, and sharing the joys of success.

And another thing…

Matt loves spending time with a great group of friends, as well as travelling down to Brighton to hang out with his brother (and get some sun & sea). Outside of this, you can find Matt watching films, reading history books, or honing his media skills with personal projects for friends and family.