Nick Silverstone

Managing Director

Wagada employee Nick Silverstone

With a strong commercial background, Nick joined the team at Wagada Digital in 2018, following his role as Managing Director of a managed service provider and data centre. He has vast experience of digital marketing across a wide range of industries including software, property and recruitment.

As Wagada Digital’s MD, he looks after our people and operations and has made a big impact on our business processes and efficiencies, supporting our CEO, Cheryl, to execute a forward-thinking business strategy. He embraces change and works with the team to constantly exceed client expectations by delivering innovation and creative work that delivers results.

Nick gets to know every single team member on a personal level, supporting them to identify their strengths and the areas in which they excel, championing opportunities for them to grow their careers and themselves. His management style involves developing the team’s confidence and encouraging them to embrace and expand their skills. He believes that a productive and happy workforce is nurtured through looking after the welfare of everybody who contributes to the success of the business. As a trained mental health first aider he proactively supports the mental wellbeing of the team.

As a champion of Wagada Digital’s HubSpot Gold Partner status, Nick supports our clients to embed this powerful system into their business processes. HubSpot management combines several of Nick’s work passions: technology, sales and marketing. His background in software puts him in a fantastic position to support our clients to identify their needs, configure the system in the most efficient and effective manner as well as get the most from their investment. Implementation has to start with the goals of the company, but with the right migration, onboarding and training and proper consideration for what, why and how, HubSpot can be a game changer to any business. Like any other software/CRMs, if due diligence is not given to these, it can be costly and ineffective for the business.

Nick believes that business success can only be achieved for a marketing agency with the right people, and he works hard to ensure that our culture constantly reflects the values that the business is built on.