Steph Pettengell

Digital Marketing Account Manager

Alex Spencer-Brown: Digital Marketing Account Manager at Wagada Digital

Steph Pettengell is a Digital Marketing Account Manager here at Wagada Digital, following an in-house role at a construction specific marketing agency.

With over 6 years’ experience within various client facing roles and a keen interest in digital marketing, Steph kick-started her marketing career in early 2022 by completing her Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Steph was managing client accounts and applying her new found skills in delivering digital marketing tactics to achieve results.

Digital marketing specialisms

Steph has a broad knowledge of marketing having being introduced to most aspects from the earlier stages of her role. She has a fascination with strategy and understanding the ‘why?’ since completing her CIM, Introduction to Strategic Marketing course. As well as this, Steph has a degree in Illustration, backed with years of experience within a client project design role, so she enjoys the creativity that comes with marketing.

Steph puts building long standing relationships with clients at the heart of what she does, working to ensure they are supported throughout the journey of working together.

And another thing…

In her spare time, Steph loves to see friends whether that’s travelling, watching a film or having a cheeky pint at the pub. Steph is also a big advocate for down time and recharging the social batteries – life is about balance!