A strategic, data-led approach to your digital marketing

Transform Your Business with Wagada’s Strategy-Led Approach to Your Marketing

We help your business to build its brand, grow your audience and generate more revenue.
Wagada works with you to develop your goals, and exceed them.
The structure of our team keeps strategy at the forefront of everything that we do and we base our decisions on concrete data, constantly measuring success and making iterative improvements to your marketing plan.

You need to raise awareness and get your offering in front of the right people. We help you find out where your target audience spends their time and make sure that you get noticed.

You need to identify the right target audience and attract quality traffic to your website and social media pages. Attract, engage and make them want to come back for more.

People know what you do, but are they buying? Don’t approach your customers cold, create desire and warm them up, ready to respond to your sales message.

Our journey starts with your business goals

  • We start every project by getting to know your business, your challenges and the problems that you’re solving for your customers.
  • Data leads all our decisions – we test, measure and improve at every stage, learning what works and what doesn’t.
  • Working with you to develop your key messages, we support you to engage and excite your target audience, creating desire and repeat customers.

We don’t just want to understand your brand. We want to eat, sleep and breathe it.

Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services

We’re a perfect match if:

You have ambitious growth plans but have been disappointed with the results you’ve been getting from your marketing.

You’ve invested in your website, but you’re not getting the number of leads you need to grow.

Your in-house marketing team doesn’t have the specialist digital skills that you need.

Your sales and marketing teams aren’t working in tandem to generate the leads you need.

Our team of experts work with you to unlock your potential, aligning your marketing with your goals.

Benefits of working with Wagada

Think of our team as your team. We’re your extended marketing department, and we help you to reach your goals.

Dee Overfield, Head of Digital, Wagada

What to expect from our team

Working with the Wagada Team is exciting!

Jorg Wiedijk, Calero

Top knowledge and brilliant people.

Siobhan O’Reilly-Calthrop, Calthrop Communications

A vendor you can trust.

Lianne Trantz, Novidea

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340% Increase in keyword rankings
293% Increase in average likes per instagram post
83.33% Increase in traffic from Instagram

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