Race to Cheltenham for Hope for Tomorrow

19 July 2021

The Wagada team is taking on the challenge of running, walking, or cycling the distance between our St Albans and Cheltenham offices. We are raising money for the mobile cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow, which delivers cancer care to their patients, so they can continue to enjoy their lives, surrounded by loved ones.

The distance from our office in St Albans to our office in Cheltenham is 83 miles which most of the team are planning on running, walking, or cycling between, with the exception of some Wagada team members who are doing the return journey consisting of 166 miles.

“Hope for Tomorrow brings cancer treatment into local communities, making it more accessible to those who need it. Patients can spend more precious time with their loved ones, instead of spending hours waiting around in hospitals, and traveling to and fro. From experience, this precious time is so cherished and makes Hope For Tomorrow a very worthy cause to support.”

This incredible charity has a fleet of Mobile Cancer Care Units (MCCUs) to make sure that they can help as many as possible, but desperately need money to maintain and make more MCCUs to ensure they are helping as many as possible.

Once inside an MMCU, patients receive the exact care that they would in the hospital. With the difference that these units have been designed to give a more relaxing and homely environment. This means due to the lack of clinical and stressful surroundings, patients are able to tolerate and receive treatment better. We all know someone affected by cancer, it’s something that truly breaks families. So help us stand up to it, by donating and raising awareness for Hope For Tomorrow so we can make sure that people get the treatment they desperately need with their loved ones surrounding them. Together, we can bring loved ones closer when they need it most.

Hope for Tomorrow mobile cancer care unit van on the road

There were over 166,000 cancer-related deaths between 2016-2018 in the UK alone, and cases are still rising. With so many people’s loved ones, friends, and colleagues fighting this terrible disease, we want to do our bit to help. By raising money for Hope For Tomorrow, we can keep the MCCUs on the road and help those who need it most. They receive no government funding but are relied on by so many, so please help in whatever way you can. People are relying on our generosity.