How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Strategy in 2023

Generate ROI through Social Media

In the past few years, social media has evolved exponentially becoming a tool that no business should overlook in 2023.

There is often a stigma surrounding the importance of social media and whether or not it can generate an ROI. However, businesses that believe this are often lacking one thing. A powerful social media strategy.

From language lessons to flights, companies like Duolingo and Ryan Air have proven that businesses across all industries can utilise social media to generate an ROI if they have a strong social media strategy in place.

This training video will provide you with the tools you need to develop an effective social media strategy that reaches your target audience, captivates their attention and generates results.


Tzara Spurrier planning client social media management

Watch the training video and learn how to:

  1. Learn how to conduct an audit to inform your social media activity
  2. Learn how to develop content that resonates with your audience
  3. Understand how organic and paid social media work in tandem, to generate results
  4. Understand the importance of setting and tracking goals for your social media
  5. Experience some examples from businesses championing their social media
  6. Have increased clarity and confidence in your social media plan for the year ahead
Wagada employee Ellie Wilbraham

Your Trainer: Ellie Wilbraham

Understanding the power of social media and how to best use each platform to our advantage, Ellie focuses on the day-to-day running of both Wagada Digital’s social media accounts, and our clients’. She has a natural flair for content creation as it allows her to express her creative side in both the graphics and the writing.

She is constantly up to date with the latest trends and updates to create exciting, relevant content, to help our clients reach their goals.

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