How to Tackle the Recruitment Crisis with Employer Branding

Attract the best talent through employer branding

The UK is at the epicentre of a significant recruitment crisis. We are living through the UK’s lowest unemployment rate since 1974. Combine this with the Great Resignation, ‘quiet quitting’ and the cost-of-living crisis, successful recruitment has become the number one challenge for all businesses.

We will showcase the benefits of having a powerful employer brand. We’ll talk you through how utilising your brand story can help your business to attract and retain the best possible talent for your business, whilst spending your recruitment budget more wisely.

This course is perfect for Marketing or Communications Managers, HR departments or business owners who want to improve their recruitment process and generate positive, long-term results from recruitment marketing.


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Watch the training video and learn how to:

  1. Learn what employer branding is and why it should be a priority for your business – Discover how your workplace culture can be used to build your employer’s brand story – Find out about the importance of key marketing messages in generating applications from your target audience
  2. Learn from big brands that do recruitment marketing well, and discover what makes candidates tick
  3. Get insight into the best platforms for your recruitment marketing strategy, and how social media can be the final piece of the puzzle in attracting prospective staff members
Sophie Skilton

Your Trainer: Sophie Skilton

Sophie specialises in digital marketing strategy, creating clear and achievable roadmaps for success, based on her clients’ business goals. With experience in a broad range of marketing disciplines from social media marketing to PR, she brings a holistic approach to all projects to maximise return on investment. Sophie is also an expert in employer branding marketing, helping companies to attract and recruit talented employees to their brand.

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