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Is your email marketing activity getting the best results for your business? If you want to get more clicks, make more sales and reach a wider audience with your emails, we’d love to help.

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Sending the right message, at the right time

Email is an amazing mass communication tool, but it isn’t always effective if it feels too generic. So, segmenting your database is an essential way to target your communications effectively, tailoring the tone and content of your emails to match the needs of your audience and help you to:

Grow your audience

Post-GDPR, it can be harder to get new contacts for your database, but by putting in the effort, you can get your brand out there and reach a wider audience. Wagada’s digital marketing team can advise you on new ways to bring in prospects, communicate effectively with them and ultimately, turn them into customers.

We’re constantly testing the wording of your subject lines, calls-to-action and landing pages, to ensure that your email has the best possible chance of success.

In-depth reporting

We’ll help you track your email marketing activity and measure how hard your emails are working for your business. Everything we do is results-focused, so we provide detailed reporting and analytics to help you understand what’s working well, and what to improve on next time.

Strategic communications

Want to find out how email can work better for you? We’d love to help get your mailout strategy up and running. Contact us for expert advice on truly effective email marketing.


Senior Marketing Strategist

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