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A whopping 74% of current online traffic is made up of video content (think about it: that’s almost three-quarters of all internet visits!) It seems we’ve moved a long way from the days of dodgy dial-up connections; now video on the web has evolved from a flashy gimmick to an online essential.

Drive traffic and boost sales

With the right planning and production, video marketing can achieve big things for your business. This versatile and accessible medium is a tool that can effectively drive traffic, boost sales or help you gain a wider audience.

Video content can help you:

Each of these aims is easily achievable with the right mix of strategic nous, creative energy and professional production values.

Get a great ROI

At Wagada, we’ll work with you to gain an understanding of how video content could enhance your online offering and translate into business gains. Then we’ll use our video production expertise to make it happen. While we can’t guarantee you’ll have a viral hit on your hands, we will make sure your video works hard to meet your goals and provide an ample return on investment.

When you meet with our team at Wagada, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your objectives. First and foremost, is video the best way to achieve your goals? While it’s likely to provide a great ROI, it can be a time-consuming project, so we’ll assess your unique business needs to help you decide what’s right for you.

Once that’s agreed, we will dig deeper into your business requirements to find out:

We can project manage your entire video production, either working with your chosen video production company or using our own local Hertfordshire video production partner.

Once we understand all of these factors, we produce a project plan and timeline.

Taking care of the practicalities

If you’re an amazing accountant or a dab hand at decorating, video production might not be part of your skillset. Don’t worry, you can still use video to showcase your business. We’ll take care of it all.

In a typical video production project we’ll:

Measure your success

At Wagada, metrics are our middle name – so you won’t be in any doubt as to how hard your video has worked for you. We’ll help you to track the effectiveness of your video with solid statistics to show the difference it has made. We’ll also measure its success against other, previous campaigns.


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