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Great copy gives your customers faith in your brand and your ability to deliver. It engages them and keeps them reading, long enough for you to persuade them that your product or service is the best.

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Well-crafted, informative copy will get your website ranking in search engines and will help your customers to find your website more easily.

Websites that are ranked highly by Google are deemed by users to be reliable and trustworthy, and well-optimised copy plays such an important role here.

Write for the web

Writing for the web is a different beast to writing offline. Website users are impatient. They scan rather than read. They want clear titles and short paragraphs. They’re surfing the net from their phone on the bus, or on the iPad while watching XFactor. You’ve got to strike the right balance between grabbing their attention fast and giving them (and the search engines) enough high quality content to keep them reading, to make them convert (and to show the search engine your site is worth ranking). High quality website copy will give you the edge over your competitors.

Optimise your content: include your keywords

Search engines use the words on your page to determine what your website is about. They’ll also look at where these words appear: for example keywords in your title tags are deemed to be more important than keywords buried in the main content of your page. Wagada will make sure that your keywords are included in the optimum places for maximum effect.

Get content and lots of it to grab the search engine’s attention

The right amount of well-written content containing your keywords will get you noticed by the search engines and improve your ranking. If you need help to increase the amount of content that you have on your website, get in touch.

Quality content gets other sites to link to yours

Lots of links to your site from other websites helps to increase your exposure and improves your search engine ranking.

When you choose Wagada to write your website content, you get clear, well-written, keyword-rich content. Content that talks to your customers, in their language.

We recommend that Wagada perform some keyword research before you begin your website copywriting project.

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