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If you are worried about the ranking of your website or have concerns about the quality of the links pointing to your site, then as part of our SEO service, we provide a link detox service. We carry out a detailed analysis of your website and the links that are pointing to it.  We will identify the links that are causing harm to your website and which pages the links are pointing to on the site. We can then carry out a series of link removal techniques in order to ‘detox’ your site of the detrimental effects.

Some SEO agencies use unscrupulous techniques that trick Google into giving your website a higher ranking than it deserves. This type of technique used to be very effective at boosting a website’s ranking. However, Google has become more intelligent and can now spot these techniques, pushing down your ranking to page 7 or 8 when they are discovered.

So if your website has taken a dive in ranking recently, or you have done SEO in the past, you may be suffering from an unnatural link profile and low quality links. In serious cases, Google will give you a manual penalty which you can find information on in Webmaster Tools. In most cases though, Google will lower your rankings with an algorithmic penalty. This means that Google’s algorithm has spotted unnatural looking elements to your link profile. The only way to recover from this is to remove these links where you can, and disavow the rest.

Wagada is a SEO agency based in Hertfordshire, which means that we work within Google’s guidelines to get your website ranking. We won’t get your website banned by the search engines.

Way of removing links from your site

With our link detox service you will receive

Once the link removal has been completed you will need to develop some quality links in order to restore Google’s faith in the website. We can help you to do this with our link building service.

At Wagada, we have found in the past that these low quality links can take a long time to get indexed as Google doesn’t crawl these sites very often. For example, one of our clients left their ex-SEO company a year and a half ago and we are still finding new toxic links appearing now! So we highly recommend that we check your backlink quality again in 3 months to see if any new links have appeared.


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