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Reach more people, with a results-focused online PR strategy. We’ll work with you to achieve your goals, using our industry contacts and PR expertise to boost your visibility online.

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Drive success with a well-prepared PR strategy

Good PR is all about planning. To get a return on your investment, you need a PR strategy designed to smash your marketing targets.  We’ll help you define your PR objectives, plan a realistic campaign and incorporate both online and offline channels into the strategy so that you are maximising your coverage, and increasing your chances of reaching your target audience.

Get seen in all the right places

Become better-known and reach new people in your target demographic, with carefully-secured coverage on the websites your customers are reading.

Our outreach team can connect you with the relevant blog sites, journalists and companies to help your business. We can help get you mentioned in articles about the products and services you offer, and write useful blogs for other sites with readers in your target audience.

Build links to boost search performance

To Google’s algorithms, links and mentions about your site should indicate a sign of quality, especially when they come from really high-ranking sources. So, when lots of people are talking about you online, you’ll see your search rankings climb higher, bringing more traffic to your site.

Our link-building strategy is always highly targeted. Working in partnership, we’ll gain a clear vision of who you want to reach and where they are based. By analysing the profile of potential linking sites, we’ll assess their suitability to build links. We’ll also take a look at your competitors to see what, if anything they are doing differently, and adapt your link strategy accordingly.

Get your points across

Worried about talking to journalists, or nervous about an interview? All you need is the right preparation and support. Our experienced PR professionals will help you get your points across to the press, so they end up with the perfect quote for their piece. Just ask us for help with journalist liaison and interview preparation.

A bespoke approach to meet your needs

At Wagada we want to know what makes you different! If you’re looking for an online PR agency that really gets where you’re coming from, contact our experts for an effective working partnership that delivers the results you need.

Link Building

Just like a recommendation from a good friend, Google will rank your website higher if it’s seen to be ‘recommended’ by other well trusted, highly authoritative websites.

So, we’ll work with you to place informative and useful content on authoritative websites and obtain good quality backlinks that will boost your search engine performance.

Brand awareness

As well as search engine optimisation, online PR can have a more traditional role, similar to that of old-school public relations. Even where you don’t actually get a backlink or published content placed on another site, brand prevalence is still important in generating awareness, especially in relevant and well-targeted online media.

We’ll help you to create a buzz about your brand online, encouraging conversations and kudos around your products or services. Increasing brand awareness online will help you to reach more people in your target demographic – and these conversations may eventually end up leading to new backlinks anyway, via brand mentions on social media, blogs and online forums.

A win-win strategy

We sometimes refer to online PR as ‘outreach’ work, because we are reaching out to others to listen to what we have to say. We are offering our expertise in our field to provide valuable insights and knowledge to a targeted and relevant audience. And it’s not just you who will benefit; this content is also valuable to the host website, adding value to their output and helping to give their audience the useful information they want.

Quality over quantity

If you’ve heard that backlinks are good for SEO, you might be tempted to gather as many as possible, from any source. But for Google, it’s quality and context that counts. Links are far more valuable if they come from well targeted, relevant and high authority sources. If you have a lot of ‘bad’ backlinks to your site, you might even be penalised.

At Wagada, we strive to develop and grow relationships with third parties (journalists, editors, companies) so that successful outreach benefits both parties, getting links shared widely via social media and other sources.

So, for high quality relationships that demonstrate your credibility and authority, get in touch with our online PR team today.


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