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Social media plays a pivotal role in today’s digital marketing strategy. Used correctly, social media and social media marketing are very powerful and effective communications tools that allow you to communicate and share information, as well as boost your online presence, engagement and support your SEO efforts.

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At Wagada, we have the expertise to make social media work for you.  We will take the time to understand your business, your brand and your audiences, and to develop a personality and ‘voice’ for all your social media activity, ensuring messages are consistent and effective.

How Wagada will help you manage your social media

We understand how important it is to manage a steady flow of effective communication through social media channels.  Knowing what to say, when to say it, the style of writing, the tone of voice, when to post, how often to post, who to follow and retweet, who not to follow, who to tag and how, what imagery to share, what works well, how to share relevant content from others… these are all questions that our clients come to us with. And the good news is, we can help with all of it.

Our Services

Whether you want us to manage your whole social media approach and presence, or just one channel, we can do that. Alternatively, we can provide you with social media training if you prefer to keep this in-house.

We will agree upfront what the parameters of your social media activity should be. For example, we would agree:

At Wagada, we also understand that for many of you, staying in control and managing your own social media activity is critical. But you want to be able to do this with confidence, knowing that the channels are being used effectively.  As social media experts, Wagada can provide this guidance, using best practices and training to ensure you feel comfortable and confident to manage social media activity yourself.

The social media services that we offer range from helping our clients simply set up their social media accounts, to managing all social activity, including competitor monitoring and analysis.

Depending on your objectives, we will cover any or all of the following:


Before any social media strategy is created, it is important to look at your current social media presence (if you have any at all) and then compare this to your competitors.

We will look at all active competitors, levels of activity, types of posts, engagement, number of followers, plus much more, in order to get a steer on the market and how its audience reacts.  We will explain the analytics so that our clients fully understand what works and what doesn’t, and then use this information to form the social media strategy.


Composing and sending out social media posts appears to be a pretty simple task.  Unfortunately, too many businesses fall into the habit of posting the occasional message every now and again and believe that what they are doing is enough. In truth, that isn’t enough.

At Wagada, we will develop a clear and effective social media strategy that ensures your social media goals and ambitions are being achieved and your audience is growing and engaging.  We will ensure you understand how the plan works and why, so that you can undertake social media activity yourselves, confidently, if you wish.


We pride ourselves on our creative ideas.  Everything from helping our clients develop a social personality and ‘voice’, right through to big campaigns that get people talking about your brand.

When it comes to social, there are no limits to ideas.  It could range from simple post updates on Twitter, to a national campaign across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Whether it’s a viral video to be watched by millions, or sharing client testimonials and posts about the latest events and successes. Whatever your goals, the team at Wagada will put together a creative strategy that works for you and suits your brand.

Training & Support

We appreciate that social media can be very daunting.  It is forever changing and what works well for you one month, may not the next.

Social media requires continual learning and adaptation and at Wagada, you can rest assured that we are on top of these ever-evolving tools.  We offer training and support to help you understand each social media channel and how to adapt, so that your social media activity continues to perform for you.

Web & Design

More often than not, social media campaigns require some element of design. Engaging content and eye-catching design go hand in hand, and at Wagada, we have the resources to be able to maximise this potential.  We will ensure that everything fits with your brand and is fresh and relevant.  Some large social media campaigns will also require a dedicated landing page on your website. We can work with your web designers to create and develop whatever is needed, in line with your brand, whilst keeping engagement and usability at the forefront of everything.

Social Monitoring

We believe it is important to know what people are really saying about your business.  Social monitoring gives you insights into what people are saying about you, your competitors, your rivals, as well as topics relating to your industry.

At Wagada, we can show you the real conversations people are having, not just on social media, but on blogs, forums, news sites and more. Based on our findings, we can tell you how much buzz there is about you, whether it’s good or bad and how to learn from it, and how to respond to it, if appropriate.

Social Influence Research & Outreach

It’s all very well when your followers like something you’ve posted, but how do you find new followers to tell? Attracting and communicating with influencers and prospective customers on social media is the best way to spread the word to a wider group.  At Wagada, we will identify who these influencers are, follow and start to build a relationship with them and then ensure they know of and talk about your brand, which ultimately results in a growing fan base.

Analytics & Reporting

We compile monthly reports offering profile performance analysis, social monitoring, post link performance and insights on how to optimise your social media efforts. We ensure you will understand the findings of these reports so that all social media activity is delivering maximum engagement and value to your business.


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