Social Media for Restaurants

We're keen foodies at Wagada and share a passion for the industry. We believe that social media for restaurants is the perfect way to show your customers what you have to offer. Whether it be a glimpse into the kitchen to see what the chefs get up to behind the scenes, or a stunning shot of your latest special, social media can get your message to potential customers in an engaging way.

Digital Marketer

We understand that running a restaurant is incredibly time consuming, so we are on hand to not only post regular updates to your feed but help create a complete social media strategy.


Social media is a key ingredient in today’s digital marketing strategy. A carefully planned and executed social media strategy for restaurants is an incredibly powerful and effective way to communicate with new and existing customers.

It’s important to manage and monitor a consistent stream across all your social media platforms, but all too often businesses don’t post regularly enough, and potential goes untapped. A Wagada social media audit can give a necessary insight into your target market for maximum impact. We understand what to post and when to post it for maximum reach and engagement. We can help create campaigns that mirror your restaurant’s branding and personality, set goals and ambitions, and make sure you understand every element of our plan.


We work with a specialist food photographer, who trained as a Corden Bleu Chef herself, to capture your food with restaurant social media in mind. Having a member of the team who has worked in the food industry themselves, we understand the workings of a kitchen and are able to approach each project in an intuitive way to create visually stunning content for your social media channels.

We can help you create a social personality, come up with creative ideas across a wide range of platforms and scales. Whether it’s a simple post on Facebook or a big campaign on Instagram, we pride ourselves on our imaginative ideas to fit your goals.


Social media is an ever-evolving marketing technique that is constantly changing. However, we are truly passionate about being on top of the nitty-gritty of each platform, the latest trends and algorithms, and are on hand to share our expert knowledge in 1-2-1 training.


As well as posting regular content, we believe that social monitoring is an important component of any social media strategy. As an ever-growing and powerful platform to voice an opinion, social media provides insights into trending topics in the restaurant industry, as well as what your customers are saying about you and your competitors.

Reporting & Analytics

Posting regular content is a great start when it comes to social media but being able to analyse and reflect on the effectiveness of your posts will really make the difference in future campaigns. We collate and provide performance analytics with transparent monthly reports, to ensure all social media activity is delivering value to your restaurant.



Digital Marketer

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