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Wagada’s two-hour workshops are an entry-level introduction to the world of SEO, held at STANTA in St Albans, Hertfordshire. You’ll find out why search engine performance matters, how it affects your business, and what you can do yourself to boost your rankings. Everything is explained in a straight-talking, down-to-earth way and you’ll get the chance to pick the brains of our SEO experts. Ask us anything!

“Cheryl is so knowledgeable and shared lots of insights and tips.” Caroline Walker

“Easy to understand and follow.” Collete Humphrey

“Cheryl made a subject that I was daunted by simple and understandable.” Anna Cherry

You might be wondering what’s involved in one of our SEO workshops, so here’s an overview of what we cover and how it will help your business:

Why your business needs to rank highly in the search engines

Ranking high on the search engines is no longer optional – it’s critical. It’s a frightening fact that 75% of search engine users never even make it past the first page of Google so, if your website is not there, it will be increasingly hard for your customers to find you online and you may see sales drop or never take off in the first place.

Understanding what search engine optimisation actually is and how it affects your website

We know that too much tech talk can be off-putting, so we’ll explain what search engine optimisation is really about in a way that makes sense! We’ll also tell you how you can check your website’s ranking, how to make sure that the correct pages are indexed by Google and introduce you to some great tools.

What are keywords? How you can find them and how you can use them

Keywords are “key” to making your website work! We’ll talk about how you can discover more about the keywords that customers are using to find your product or service and how to expand the range of keywords that you are currently using. We’ll also go into some more detail about the ways that you can utilise longer, more specific, phrases and locations to help potential customers reach you online. We’ll share some great tips, tricks and tools of the trade to help you find relevant keywords and explain how to place them within your website.

The power of great content

This is really vital to creating a fantastic website that customers and search engines will love. We’ll look at the importance of keeping content fresh, explain how to include your keywords in your content, and take a look at how you can keep your content looking natural whilst still utilising the relevant keywords and phrases.

Increasing website authority

Finally, we’ll look at how you can increase the authority of your website and help you to understand why this is so important to Google. We’ll discuss how to encourage other sites to link to your pages and give you some great ideas about using social media such as Facebook or Twitter to build relationships with online influencers and improve your social shares.

Of course, after the workshop there is time to ask any questions that you may have and you’ll get to chat to Wagada’s MD Cheryl Luzet about what Wagada can do for your website.

We’d love to see you at one of our workshops. Find out when our next workshop takes place and book your place, or give Stanta a call on 01727 837760 for more information.


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