Social media trends for 2023

22 December 2022

By now it’s clear just how quickly the social media landscape can change. From new platforms like BeReal to Elon Musk’s continuing chaos on Twitter, it’s hard to stay on top of social media trends at all times. 

We’ve broken down our top 5 most exciting social media trends that we predict will be vital for brands wanting to step up their social media game in 2023.

Perfection is out and authenticity is in

For years, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing highly curated and ‘perfect’ content on social media. However recently, there has been a surge in authenticity; a social media trend to keep your eye on in 2023.

With 79% of young people saying they are tired of portrayals of perfection in ads, alongside the success of platforms like BeReal, it’s clear that consumers want to see something more authentic, relatable, and arguably even mundane, on social media. 

If brands want to be part of this social media trend in 2023, they need to let real-life moments inspire content and allow their human side to shine through. User-generated content (UGC) will continue to rise in popularity and is a great way to cultivate strong brand-customer relationships which help to boost a sense of credibility.

Nano-influencers (those with less than 10k followers) are another way brands can form genuine connections with their target markets. These less well-known influencers are seen as more authentic to consumers and already make up 90% of successful influencer marketing campaigns.

AI for social media

Don’t scroll! We know AI has been a forecasted trend for the past few years now, but the tail end of 2022 has seen a huge shift in the way brands can use AI for social media content creation in 2023.

Platforms widely used by Social Media Managers, like Canva and Notion, have released some great developments in their AI capabilities. Take Canva for example, where users can now type in a few words to generate a list of ideas to help inspire their content. You can even use their ‘Text to Image’ function to create AI-generated imagery.

So, what does this mean for social media in 2023? Social Media Managers can use these tools to help streamline their content creation and increase their efficiency. However, while these AI tools are great for sparking inspiration, they will never be a substitute for genuine, personalised content tailored to your brand. 

The new content King

A social media trend you can expect to see in 2023 is an increase in live audio rooms and voice messages across social platforms. 

As more social media platforms pivot towards video-based content, audio will continue to play an important role on social media. We’ve seen the top social media platforms expanding their features to encompass audio-only tools, such as Twitter’s Spaces and LinkedIn’s audio-only events, so we predict audio will be huge for 2023. 

It’s important to remember that no one content format will reign supreme in the long term. The most important thing is to look at how to capture your target audience’s attention in new and interactive ways.

The environment will be higher on the agenda

After a series of negative events in our lives, including the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, brands need to do more than just sell products.

The top concerns for Millennials and Gen Z include climate change, unemployment, and corruption in business and politics. Even if Gen Z isn’t your target audience, you can’t overlook them as they continue to influence older generations.

Buzzwords like ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ will cease to hold any value and brands will be expected to demonstrate their values through action, not words. ⁠Consumers will hold brands more accountable – they want to see action.

In 2023, brands need to be transparent, authentic, and moral. They need to be able to demonstrate that their values align with their customers and show a consistent commitment to doing things better.

Customer Experience

Brands that invest in relationships with their customers will be the ones who win the most advocates.

For some time, social media has moved towards building genuine connections between brands and their customers, and this will be a growing trend for 2023.

If your social media strategy relies on one-way broadcasting, that just won’t cut it with your audience anymore. You need to build emotional connections, have meaningful conversations, and interact with your customers across your social media channels.  

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